Olympus to be continued

2009, Photography

More rumors and even an interesting photograph of the Olympus E-P1 micro Four/Third camera starts to appear (thanks to 1001 Noisy Cameras). I like the size of the 17mm f/2.8 prime lens. It will have a movie mode, but no flash. And I understand that the camera will have SD/SDHC support, instead of the xF card support.

And in anticipation of the final outcome see here the preparations.

Will It Blend? | Presented by Blendtec

I personally think Olympus will receive a lot of interest from serious compact users. And they finally might have a seller at hand after they stopped producing there fantastic compact cameras a few years ago (where the C-8080 WideZoom was the last one). I have enjoyed using an Olympus camera in the past.
Olympus 1

Olympus 2

Olympus 3
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

6 thoughts on “Olympus to be continued

  1. It’s so exciting!
    I take my LX3 on long (up to five day) wilderness camping walks when weight is of the essence; every lens is food you can’t pack. But some of my favourite images are captured days away from civilization, and I always regret that they were taken on a small compact, and less good images get the full frame treatment! Maybe the micro 4/3 olympus will be able to go on long trips! I’ll have to start saving. Or maybe selling a lens…..

      1. Yes it’s strange in a way; the quality differences between say the gx100 (which I loved, I think it’s ergonomics are just amazing for a compact – I wish I could have the heart of an LX3 in a gx100 body!) and even a full framer like my mortgage-maximizing 5dII are not very visible where most people see our pictures: on the web! But I guess we print for some people, and spend a lot of time editing at high magnifications, and that affects our emotional connexion to the images. The photographer cares, even if most viewers won’t see much difference!

        But interestingly I think I can see some differneces between your gx200 images and the DP1 even on the web (have to make myself concentrate on IQ rather than the terrific art work of your pics). But it’s not of course at the level of the greater resolution I’d see in a print or 100%. It’s mainly, I think, gradation and DR. There’s a buttery spread of tones that is really lovely.

        1. That is it what I see too. The gradation and dynamic range is larger and more subtle and it is something I sincerly miss with the GX200.

          The other difference for me is that many photographs taken with large sensor cameras have more depth, while photographs from small sensor cameras often do look flat to me.

  2. By coincidence, i was out all day with my olympus trip and now I see that it really looks if they have copied a lot of the style items of that camera… Like the wheel where today i advanced the film, now it will turn the mode dial?

    I think i will like that 4/3 alot if indeed they are able to give it the pen/trip look!

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