Week 73 | 2015

I’ve seen people posting their 2015 lists, favs, and musings. Last year for me felt like a very uncomfortable and pretty dramatic year and I rather prefer to look ahead instead. A former… Continue reading

Week 72 | 2015

This was a less productive week in terms of the number of photographs, but more importantly we enjoyed the holiday seasons with our family at home. Our son was home for a few… Continue reading

Week 71 | 2015

There is so much in life we take for granted, but doing so is not always that fair towards those who have or had to struggle. Three days ago I saw a mid… Continue reading

Week 70 | 2015

1.5 weeks after my son had a stroke he was transferred from the academic hospital to a rehabilitation hospital. He is already able to walk a bit and lift up his left leg.… Continue reading