Empty battery, what’s next?

2009, Photography

Many biological farms in my neighborhood had view day’s this weekend. These bioligical farms had corn, grain, strawberries, and grapes for a local winery. And while visiting three of those farms I had planned to take the Sigma DP1 with me. Unfortunately after only eight photographs the battery was completely empty. Strange to me, because I had checked the battery before leaving. But still not as bad as forgetting to insert the charged battery in the camera, although that did happen to me once before!

But what’s next? Introduce here my wife’s Nokia N95 multimedia phone with little Tessar lens. I already had plans to use her phone for some photography, but unintentionaly it was the best that could happen for me now. I remembered the words of photographer Chase Jarvis: “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” He happens to be using his iPhone more often and publishes his photographs on his website.

Although a cell phone can be quite slow with auto focus and saving the photographs, it is still good fun to use it. And I had fun too editing the photographs in Photoshop and Nik Silver Efex Pro for my usual style of editing.
Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma

Mobile Phone Photography by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

19 thoughts on “Empty battery, what’s next?

  1. Wow, these pictures turned out pretty nice. A german photographer was contemplating on selling his camera gear and just using the N95 for everything, as it turned our so good, but I think it´s always a matter of the person taking the pictures…
    The 1st and the 5th shot seem a bit overprocessed to me, although they are still nice. My favorites would be the third and the last shot! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was pretty suprised myself Fabian, and really good fun. And I see you got a new website and you’ve joined Flickr. I hope you had some good traveling in South America.

      1. Yes, always wanted to try Flickr but never really found the time. I hope from now on I will be able to publish some more photos around there. (A new website is planned, but I didn´t manage to put it up yet – are you referring to bluelies.de?)

        The traveling was really great and has not concluded yet. I will be in Bogotá for some weeks to get some things done and earn some money, and then head to other places…

  2. The DP-1, in my opinion, has a battery problem. I used to carry 3 batteries, because the camera would drain a freshly charged battery in no time (e.g. over night). The unreliability of the camera ultimately led me switching it for a LX3 (which I then swapped for a Hasselblad, but that`s a different story..).

  3. very cool, Wouter! i need a new phone for the states and i might have to look into this.

    btw, if you haven’t figured this out (or remembered reading it), let me refresh your memory:

    just having the battery in the camera (even when it’s switched off!) drains it. never ever put the battery in until you’re ready to use it (i.e., not the night before) and always carry the spare — that’s what pockets are for.

    it sucks, i know, but it’s just another one of the sweet little features of the DP1. once you’re conscious of it and act accordingly, it’s not so bad….

    1. LOL, what a stupid camera. I finally brought up all my patience to photograph with this camera and than the battery got drained. Thankfully you can make good photographs with the DP1 when the batteries are charged.

  4. I experience strange battery problems too, every now and then.. sometimes I have a charged battery, than it shows a red blinking battery symbol, I reload the battery and it is charged again..?

    Anyway, I am glad the first thing I ordered (and received before the camera) was an extra battery, it is just a ‘ must do’ thing to carry it always!

    BUT, you show that indeed, every camera you take is worthwhile taking! Your style also showes using that cellphone.

    1. Strange batteries indeed. Sometimes I wonder why a lens manufacturer thought they could make cameras too?

      Thank you Ronald. It was good fun to use a cell phone. Lower expectations can lead to more fun and success.

  5. I agree with the phrase that the best camera is the one you have with you. Maybe it should be extended by pointing out that it needs to have batteries and be in working condition ;).

    Very nice pictures though and it does show that it is the person behind the camera that matters most. These pictures all have your style and look to them although they have been taken with a phone camera.

  6. These photographs hit home, as I live on a small “ranch” I would call it with horses and barbed wire fences. I have recently only started to take photos of the place.

    I always question the idea of whether one is as good as his equipment or whether its the eye the photographer brings to the camera. I think that is debatable, but it is true that the photographer has the control in some sense.
    Sorry about the empty battery problem. Reminds me that I need to get a spare battery pack just in case.


    1. The vision is from the photographer, but the tool helps the photographer to envision in my opinion. Some tools are just more suited than others.

      We can’t get out without a spare battery nowadays, or at least a cell phone that can be used as camera too.

      A great idea by the way to start taking photos of your place called home. Most definitely worth documenting.

  7. Hi Wouter!!! Sorry been gone so long. I was just catching up on all your posts. I agree with the thought process about having the camera with you or cell phone for that matter. Its a great concept and almost like having that point and shoot with you for those moments you are not carrying your trusty companion. Happy shooting this weekend.


    1. Good to see you back John. I need to catch up on your posts too. Because of different expectations I love using a cell phone for photography. Happy shooting too.

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