The new….

2013, Photography
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Photo booth

I know, it is just a tool. And no, the eye is you and definitely not the camera. It is all within you. Yet, the new Ricoh GR gets me pretty excited. It looks like a worthy follow up for the previous generations of the GR Digital. Check here (English) or here (German) for more info. More to come soon….

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Family matters

Don’t let the tool become the main object of your photography though. Vision is not about what camera you use, but something within you and worth to find.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

18 thoughts on “The new….

  1. Yes Wouter I agree the camera is just a tool to help you create your vision. But it does not hurt when you have confidence and enjoy in using that tool. I think it makes it easier to create your vision in that the tool is then part of you and not in the way!

    1. Confidence is one thing. A Nikon D3x will likely give you confidence, a Pentax K5II too, but there is more that makes it work for you. A friend of my actually likes it to fight with a camera. He really appreciates the end result. For me the end result is only worth it when I really feel like the camera becomes one with me.

      1. I like my cameras to fall completely into the background. I want to spend most of my energy looking, less of my energy adjusting the camera to suit my vision.

  2. I know the exictement you’re talking about since getting me the Leica I always wanted, Wouter. Ans my eye learned looking at & for things in a whole different way. That alone was worth every Euro I spent, knowing it will be nothing more but a tool, the tool that will accompany myself for a long, long time.

    By the way: Another great essay, full of story & beauty, my friend!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. I totally agree with you.
    But it seems the new GR is too foxy to keep me away from getting excited!

    By the way, thank you for adding me on Flickr.
    I really adore your photography.

  4. As your partner in this craft I have to chime in. The GR will be all that it can be. These days the emphasis on gear acquisition is greater than ever but I strongly believe that the GR will be by my side for at least 5 yrs. I had the GRD3 for 3 yrs (2 of them) so I can easily see this new iteration be my sidekick. Long live the Ricoh GR , we’re all excited.

    1. I am especially curious how I can use both cameras for my photography. Maybe the GRD3 more at daylight and the GR in the shimmering and darkness. Exciting times, my friend. We just have to wait.

      1. Now, that’s interesting. The wait, yes, its horrible but I’m sure it will end soon 🙂 Myself, I’m thinking of a two camera kit ― The Ricoh GR for its 28mm fov and a dslr with a 55mm lens for portraits.

  5. Excited but also concerned. The images would look to good, too silky smooth to be coming out from a compact. I’m not too good at adding back roughness back to images in post processing and I think it’s so counterintuitive. Good thing is it still has its signature 28mm lens to remind a GRD fan that it’s still a Ricoh. I’m quite mixed up in a way 😛

    1. Alan, when you print your images you realize that the worries many seem to have about noise reduction is really not an issue. And for many the signature of the GR lens with the larger sensor will be new even though they have used GR Digital cameras in the past. The small sensor has a very distinctive look and also makes the images look more 2D. I am sure it will perform better than the GXR with the A12 modules. I think it will be on par with the Leica X2 (sensorwise).

      1. It’d be another animal for sure. There’s a little I would like to share. Just happen I’m a X2 owner for 6 months now, probably because of the type of photography I do. It bothers me..a lot. It has a very annoying LCD off timer that triggers every 1 minute. When it’s off, it takes about a second to wake it before you do anything with it including shooting a photo. Worst part of it, the timer can only be set either 30 sec or 1 min. I’d been missing a lot of shots by hitting the shutter without waking the camera up from the LCD off mode. I already emailed to Leica giving them feedback. I don’t know if I’m a minority or Leica nuts use their cameras differently, conserve energy by making amateurs like me miss shots. There’s no way to work around. I emailed Leica 6 months ago, and still not a single update to give options to fix this. Long story short, I had not encountered problem like this with the Ricoh or Fuji.

        While the Ricoh GRD was one camera that I have not complained about, their occasional firmware updates even made me think their mission did not end there by just throwing out a product. Totally exceeded my expectation. In my book, Ricoh = everything works.

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