My name is….

2013, Photography

Some of my friends say that the camera does matter, but don’t make it larger that it is. You see, there is so much more to an image. You are the brain, the thoughts. You have the feelings and you see the world. You make the conscious and subconscious decisions. You are not a tool, unlike your camera. My name is Wouter and you have a name too.
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In reaction to my friends post.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

40 thoughts on “My name is….

  1. An enchanting atmospheric series, Wouter.
    And as Ansel Adams said:
    You don’t take a photograph, you make a photograph.
    You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.

  2. You’re absolutely right my friend, I’m going to respond to Don and Yourself via my next blog post but I’m your side. These days, the more I realize what makes me happy, not only in life but in photography, know thy self is the theme but I’ll save it for the blog post. 🙂

    1. You guys are tuff. Don’t misread me. I’m not saying that the camera is the most important part of the process, I’m saying bit is an important part. The camera is the single most powerful part of the creative photographic process susceptible to intrusion.

      At one point I had many guitars. I loved my Les Paul’s and ES series. They were very expensive. When I was playing in the bands, I used my Strat and Tele. The reason is that like my cameras, the Fenders did not intrude on my work.

      So clobber me if you will…I enjoy it because like it or not….youse do use a camera to make photos and I’ll bet if it got in the way…well, eBay sells fast….

      Bring it on my friends…….

      1. Thanks for bringing up the guitar story. Yes, you need a camera to capture a moment. When you press the shutter though, there is no direct feedback. The only chords you struck were within you and your viewers.

        Some cameras work better for you, right. We all know that. Evil bay is not my friend. I didn’t have many cameras and I don’t intend to get many more. A pencil and a piece of paper gives me more feedback than a camera, especially digital cameras. No, the feedback is within me and the camera just fills in a small part in that process.

    2. Now Don is going to write that we misread him 🙂 , but you see. We resonate, not the camera. We get the shivers, we cry, we laugh. The camera is a box that gives feedback through us.

  3. Hi Wouter, how are you! These colour shots are a departure for you and I like them a lot. Even more I like your thoughts at the top of the post – you are absolutely right – and I’m going to spread your thoughts more widely by reblogging this post. Adrian

  4. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    I’ve been a fan of Wouter Brandsma’s black and white photography for a long time, but here are colour shots which I like too. More than this though, I like and completely agree with what he has written here – and that’s why I’m reblogging this. Hope you like it too! FATman

  5. Those who wander are able to see & discover. Those who wander can make a difference. You wander. You see. You make the difference, Wouter! My name is Fritsch & I would like to tell these stories you do, my friend!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. A wonderful day out to share with your daughter that was most important. That you captured and preserved some moments from it lets you extend it in time and share it further. That, too, is important. It’s something I didn’t do enough of when my now grownup daughter was little. Those were film SLR days and, in part, I just didn’t want to drag the F3 along. Now, however, there are dozens of choices to make up the best camera in the world… the one with you. And even then, if you use it so seldom that it always feels clumsy, you’ll miss some shots you wanted and maybe those you get won’t be exactly what you hoped, but those are different problems entirely.

    Great set, Mr. B, she’s growing up so fast…

  7. Lovely pictures of a day so well spent. Thanks for sharing them.

    [Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux, right? 😛 ]

  8. I use different cameras for different reasons. It’s no different than using different paint brushes for different textures or guitars for different sounds. It’s a means to an end. Some of the cameras or more pleasant than others to deal with, and I prefer a smaller camera when I am out on the street. When I am doing a photo job, I use the D-SLR. It’s faster, more versatile and gets the job done. So, each tool has its pros and cons. Sometimes it’s what mood I’m in when I do personal projects. Plus, using a small camera, you’r limited to the lens and aperture, so using different smaller cameras give you a variety. I can’t just choose one.

  9. Mooie serie Wouter. De kleuren passen mooi bij de omgeving. Het geeft een sfeervolle lentesfeer weer. Leuk de verschillende elementen die je in beeld hebt gebracht. De eerste foto vind ik echt tof. Je dochter is 1 met de natuur. Juist dat je foto van een beneden hoek hebt genomen komt dit beeld goed tot uiting. De laatste foto brengt bij mij veel herinneringen los. Als ik met mijn ouders vroeger langs de Grebbeberg reed, wilde ik altijd even van het uitzicht genieten. Boeiend dat je juist dit ook zo in beeld hebt gebracht .Je dochter loopt het uitzicht tegemoet.

  10. Great post and great pics. I can work with about any camera but the ones I like most simply get out of my way. I prefer smaller cameras. I’m definitely not the tourist with a dslr and four lenses with me. Simply having that much capability would stifle my creativity let alone having to carry it.

    The color photos are a nice change. Does that mean spring has come for you? I find myself shooting a lot of black and white these days not sure why, I just am.

      1. That’s exactly what I say to my cameras…..Ricoh, your more than just a tool, your name is Walker……etc….

  11. Nice color mood, Wouter. I specially like the first one.
    As for the hot ongoing debate, I’m sorry to tell you that both sides are right! And I’m pretty sure we all would like to put our hands in the new GR…

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