week 38 | 2011

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And I am back to the usual weekly blog posting. I just finished week 38 of my 365 project. Honestly, I never thought I would come this far. Now however, there are only 14 weeks left and I start to wonder what to do for next year. I still have enough time to figure this out, but I have a question for you readers. Do you have any idea or suggestion?

Doing this daily photography is an entire different experience and mind set than photographing at en event as you can see in my previous post. Subjects are less obvious, they don’t scream for attention. You have to look really hard to find something interesting.

At an event most worries usually deal with exposing, focusing, and composing. For my daily shooting interestingness is added to the range of worries. You don’t constantly want to fall in the trap of rehearsal and doing the things that makes you feel comfortable. But challenging is hard and difficult too. It has a lot to do with your mood, because mood pretty much influences your comfort zone.

The upcoming weeks many of the photographs will be taken with the new Pentax Q. Pentax are so kind to loan me one. I have had a preference for smaller cameras since 1996 and I look forward to try this camera. It will also mean that another impression article will come later this year.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

32 thoughts on “week 38 | 2011

  1. You’ve really motivated me to try new ways to take pictures Wouter. I originally found your blog when I was searching for more information on the Ricoh GRD III. I found your photographs and reviews of the Ricoh cameras very informative and it helped in my decision to buy the GRD. I love this camera and I really enjoy your “art” with whatever camera you’re using. Look forward to your Pentax Q photos and maybe your opinions on what Ricoh has in their plans with their purchase of Pentax.


    1. I currently don’t know anything more than anyone else. It seems Ricoh will be the brand for fixed lens compact cameras and Pentax-branded cameras will all be interchangeable cameras, both with or without mirror. That decision sounds very logical to me. And since Pentax has a much better presence outside Japan, we might see Ricoh cameras more often in stores nearby.

  2. Wouter a wonderful set of images and with out a doubt an inspiration to me and I’m sure to a whole of others. Choosing topics to blog and photograph can be very difficult but may I say suggest something in the spirit of “Within the Frame” by David duChemin. I just recently purchased it and I believe it matches your style very much. Actually is inspiring to point I add a new category to my site titled “within the frame”.

    Contact me via email if interested so we can discuss it further. As usual, thanks for your photography I truly enjoy it.


    1. It certainly is one of my intentions to do so. But I want to keep productive too with new sets of work. Usually I go out and I see interesting things around me. Instead, I might go out with smaller projects in mind. I’d better be starting a list of things to photograph.

  3. The first shot is my favourite for this week.

    Looking forward to your first Pentax Q impressions.

    As for new ideas or themes, I am probably your worst adviser. I’ve tried several concepts and formats myself, and – as you know – I always got stuck after a few months or even weeks. I suck at shooting based upon an “agenda”, it subdues me in a certain way. That’s why I seem to be so happy with my phonecam photography – it’s very random and it’s just based on accidental, visual impulse.

    But I know you prefer to shoot with more forethought, so maybe working on series with a similar subject/style could be an option. Had to think of this example, by a NY photographer: http://ishootny.blogspot.com/2011/05/on-ground-new-york.html

    1. I absolutely recognize that, but I still want to break that habit. Shooting from a particular point of view (like your example) could be an option (in fact I used that low perspective a lot in the past). But even more important for me I would consider shooting with a certain context in mind.

  4. I must admit that I like every picture that I have seen so far. Perhaps going away from the old colors that you use and still keep the same balance in your pictures is already an daunting task.

    1. Not only balancing the colors is a daunting task, to keep taking photographs is even more daunting. While I am surprised I got this far, I do think the last 14 weeks will become harder and harder.

  5. In my humble opinion, your photography has become much more compelling since the introduction of colour into your work. The scenes are more vivid. While your subjects often seem similar, in colour, I feel more part of your walk. It feels more akin to being a part of your eye. Great stuff, mate.

  6. I have done four 365 projects. One of them is actually a continuing project into two years, so two 365 days connected. It’s hard near the end, but keep up the good work. You’ll get through and be very happy with the total work. I also like the fact that you use cameras that are small, uncomplicated, and don’t cost thousands of dollars or are like expensive jewelry. You use small sensor type cameras and get better results than most people who carry around M9 or other expensive gear. Just goes to prove, it’s the photographer, not the camera. Remember when we all thought 2 MP was awesome? LOL!

    1. It is not that cameras are irrelevant, but I want to make it less relevant for my photography. I guess therefore I prefer smaller cameras.

      And I thought doing one 365 project was at times difficult, but four? Respect! And wasn’t it your birthday yesterday?

  7. Wouter I too have been loving your color. That first shot is awesome. I am loving my Q. Great tool and in my opinion has good color and DR. I shoot it with the 47mm alongside my GRD3. Awesome combo. Can’t wsit to see your Q pics.

  8. Wouter, these look great, as usual…
    Regarding next year: How about picking your best week and multiplying with 52?!
    But kidding aside, I think you are past that, at this point. You don’t need a theme or subject or project. If I were you I would keep on chronicling your life, just as you do now. This is a life long project, and you are good at it. Best regards,

    1. Thank you for mentioning that Roni. It is something I have been thinking about a lot this week. I touch many subjects in this project, but they’re the subjects that matter to me. Continuing this project could make a lot of sense to me.

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