week 39 | 2011

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I just finished week 39, but I do also notice that I more often start to loose counting the weeks passing by. And together with some of the comments I had in my previous post gives me the confidence to keep continuing this daily photography project. I think I will try to keep it up as long as I can take it.

And the same is for my color work. Confidence and comfort zone are still not really applicable for my color work, and that depicts on my feelings. But I feel the challenge and the different depth it can add to photographs makes it worth to learn more about it.

Funny how old tools still can look so good. Light this 1920’s light meter produced by Herlango from Austria.

And funny too how awkward modern day gear has become due to adding more and more stuff to it. Sure consumerism makes companies profitable, but makes everything so incredibly complicated to use that it is no wonder that a Nikon PR guy wrote on facebook: “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses“. You don’t grow into your gear to become a better photographer? You grow in your photography and gear only should play it’s own part.

Part of the reason too why I really liked using the Leica M8 recently. And I don’t care about the red logo and I do think it is too expensive. But on the other hand it is everything you really need as a photographer.

I received a review sample of the Pentax Q on Friday. It comes standard with this pretty small 47mm f/1.9 prime lens. It is good to see how the firmware got finalized since the end of July when I first saw the Pentax Q. It is quite a bit smaller and lighter than the Ricoh GRD3. The firmware has some really nice stuff going on which I will explain in a different post. And for those interested, the last photograph was taken with the Pentax Q and in the upcoming weeks all photographs will be taken with the Q.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

14 thoughts on “week 39 | 2011

  1. Yeah, and maybe the main reason why Leica is so successful now is actually the result of the economical crisis. Leica cameras are sold more to people who can afford it.

  2. The gear matters far less than the one using it.
    Marketing is a necessary evil, companies must do so to survive.
    I really like the draw of the Q, Wouter.
    I look forward to your impressions of this camera.
    For me I have gone bigger with m4/3, AND smaller with my phone cameras.

    1. I don’t really think that marketing is the evil, but the fact that companies wants to generate greater profit makes them add multiple items to products to make them appeal to the mass market. The two year life span of a product wasn’t invented by the consumers, but by the manufacturers. A healthy company with lower growth expectations and more focus on the longer term can go for a longer life span of their products like we used to have in the old days. Too bad that nowadays the stock exchange market dictates these companies too. They expect a continues flow of new products to keep up the price of their stocks.

      It is still early to make some strong comments about the Q in comparison to for instance a small sensor Ricoh compact, but it seems to do a pretty good job at higher ISO’s. Yes, there is noise reduction. But it keeps a lot more colors too.

  3. The person who made the light meter may well have truly enjoyed the craft of his or her work…

    the quality is in the joins and the finish… that goes onto give such pleasure in handling it…

    perhaps a bit like holding a mass produced camera which has its place in the world ie to give people the opportunity to grow and see.

    and the difference of holding an M8… or the new Pentax Q for that matter…

    the right tool must be found for each it being a complete and fluid action. Keep on with the colour as it will always take you into uncomfortable arenas

    1. Of course a problem is that the right tool is not there in every price range. A Pentax Q can be considered expensive in the small sensor cameras range, but is still cheaper than a Leica M9. It seems that cameras that are right now focused on the pure essence of photography have the highest prices. And there is simply nothing in between there.

  4. Great insights Wouter. Its actually shameful that a Nikon PR guy actually wrote that on FB but I’m not surprised as I see a lot of my friend, non photographers, gravitating towards Nikon kits. Various models the D5100 and still the 2 year old D90(both of which are great dslr’s in their own right) being sought out. In the end, marketing does work but it guides the masses into a world of constant consumerism which drives profit. To those of us, who care more deeply about their photography, I suppose we benefit as well as the war prices between the photography giants(Canon, Nikon, et al) lowers the prices on great cameras sooner than later – its tough out there.

    Going back to your sentiments on color. I like them but that’s just me and I’m sure others feel the same way but ultimately its your vision and yours alone. My feeling on your color is that it shows a certain level of complexity(post processing) which really shines and to be honest, its quite intriguing. I would almost qualify it as a movie film color which just jumps out and begs for a further analysis. All these for example are quite lovely in their own way and truly create a story, which not necessarily has a continuation nor a beginning, it just flows amorphously along its path but I think the bigger story or realization is the way your feeling are portrayed. Could it be perhaps that the choice of post processing is exactly reflecting your feelings or ambivalence towards color. I don’t see such ambivalence in your black and white work, which usually is ridden with a self style which is, to put it simply, brilliant Wouter and one I highly enjoy watching.

    I’ve taken upon myself to go back and study some of your previous weeks(hmm, togs series research lol) and I’ve have noticed a linear trend towards to your work(we’ll discuss later lol) which can be clearly seen.

    Your enthusiasm is certainly worthy of admiration and one I could not match in my recent project choosing to go every fortnight but again you were one of my inspirations.

    I’m wondering how its going to end during the last week of the year?


    Jorge Ledesma

    1. For one thing, the project is not going to end in the last week of this year. The week it self will be what it is. The last week, but I will continue with my project for as long as can maintain.

      That flow is something I certainly did already feel in my editing of my photographs, but now also becomes more noticeable with my color work. And maybe that is also your reference to movies where color grading plays a significant part in reflecting moods. It makes the viewer aware of things to come.

  5. Hello Wouter,

    i am very interesting whether you like the Q or not. And your color/colour images/pictures are really poetic. I like it very much. Your kind of photography is like telling/listening stories. Go on. All the best and veel geluk, titus

    1. You’re absolutely right. There are no mid priced cameras that offer the photographer the experience of a leica or a Ricoh…

      I use a point and shoot cannon !!! Love your work keep going a tremendous inspiration… because this morning I saw a photo… but I didn’t have my camera on me…

      Looking foward to your thoughts on the Pentax.

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