Shit happens

2010, Photography

My holiday started, had great plans for photography and planned to do more postings on my blog. How better could it start then with the world cup final against Spain.

But things don’t always go as planned. Yesterday I broke my back T11 column at the thoracic vertebrae. It is thankfully a stable fracture, but it does mean that I can only sit right up or lay down. It is the way it is.

And the final? I congratulate Spain with their first and well deserved win of the world cup final.

38 thoughts on “Shit happens

  1. Sorry to hear about your injury. How on earth did you do that?

    I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

    And as you mentioned the Footie. I think the English Referee was being VERY lenient toward the Dutch especially. Two or three of them could (and should) have been sent off. That would have looked good for the world cup wouldn’t it? A rather shameful display of ‘football’ from some of the players.

    Console yourself with the fact that the England team are over paid, over hyped bunch of ponces, and that Japan did better. Now THAT is shameful.

    Anyway my friend, all the best, recover soon.



    1. It was awful Chris. Too agressive, too little footbal. All cards were deserved and the ref could have pulled more cards, both for the Netherlands and for Spain.

      In the end Spain deserved to win. They have an amazing team and some great players like Iniesta and Xavi.

  2. Wouter, I´m so sorry for your fracture. I wish you a soon recovery.
    Regarding the world cup, thank you for being a gentleman. Zamorilla from Tarifa, Spain.

  3. Really sorry to hear that Wouter, best wishes for a quick recovery! If you don’t mind me asking, how did it happen?

    1. Thank you all! It was really a freak accident. We were cycling, but
      everywhere you saw leaves and branches on the streets after the heavy thunderstorms of the previoud night. At one point
      near a tea house there was a very large branche. When I tried to break
      it I got launched and hit the street very hard on my bottom. I
      immediately had terrible pain in the back. I laid there for 20 minutes
      before a motor ambulance arrived.

      At that time it felt like most of my pain came from my mustles, so
      after some time they helped me up and we drank some cold drinks at the
      tea house before my wife picked me up. Later in the afternoon I got
      more pain and we went to the hospital where they saw the fracture on
      the x-ray.

      1. A few years back I broke my collar bone mountain biking and like yours it was a freak and stupid accident. I came down a hill and got stuck in some mud, thinking that it was soft ground, I let the bike drop to the side. When I got up and tried to raise I realized that I couldn’t move my arm, I was hoping that it was only a dislocated shoulder but I knew that it was much more serious when the pain set in a couple of hours later. Unlike you I was in the middle of nowhere, it took nearly 4 hours to walk out of the woods and get to my car only to realize that I was unable to change gears and drive to a hospital, fortunately someone came by for a late night ride and drove to the emergency, so I fully sympathize!

  4. Well, if there is someone… it’s you that can make a picture of the ceiling look pretty!

    Good recovery.

  5. Hey Wouter,

    Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you feel better very soon. I am glad it is a stable fracture.

    May be you can go through your old photos and pull out some masterpieces that you haven’t yet shared 🙂

    Feel better soon!

  6. Sorry to hear of your misfortune, Wouter. I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

    I also applaud you for your gracious comments regarding Spain’s win in the World Cup Final. That was spoken like the true gentleman that you are.

  7. hello
    Sorry to hear, hope you recover soon.
    as you said, it happens, and that’s just the way life is.
    be well and best wishes.

  8. Sorry to hear that. I wish you quick recovery.
    Two my the most serious accidents were on bike as well. However, I still love cycling.
    All the best, Wouter.

  9. Hello,

    I am Spanish and followed your blog for quite some time, I really like. Thanks for the congratulations of the World Cup, and I’m sorry your health problems.

    I leave you the link to my blog / website (although they are in Spanish), see if you’re interested.

    Greetings and you better health.

    1. Thank you Juan Carlos. I will when I can sit behind my notebook. The iPod Touch experience is not always that great for viewing websites. In particular when there is no mobile version.

  10. Really thank you all for your messages. I found these very helpful and I hope to recover quickly.

    I still think my posting will be limited for now. I tried to make a post, but it took me more then an hour on the iPod Touch. Lying stretched and doing some typing on a small device is sometimes tedious. But inserting an image in a blog post is even more tedious. I can’t believe it that there is no real good app for wordpress around.

  11. OMG …so very SORRY to hear this
    sending YOU speedy Recovery Vibes and Lots of LOVE !!
    Hopefully there are Ways to Ease the Pain…..

    Thanx for stopping by & commenting on my Flickr…have MISSED YOU
    Your work ALWAYS Rocks!!

  12. Wouter, so sorry to hear about your injury! Hope you have a quick recovery. Best wishes for you and your family.


  13. Hi Wouter
    Very sorry to hear about the accident. I had not checked your site for sometime. Wish you a speedy and complete recovery.


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