When least expected

2010, Photography

Now the summer has ended I start to recognize the usual symptoms of lack of inspiration again. Unfortunately though these moments come when you least expect it. I say recognizable, because it pretty much always the same seasons. While I do like the summer I actually hate it for my photography. I just don’t like all the greens (I don’t live in a city or nearby the sea). But when the summer ends there is nothing. Nothing that interests me.

I need that break and can only wait for the autumn to arrive. I just never know how long it takes.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

Shit happens

2010, Photography

My holiday started, had great plans for photography and planned to do more postings on my blog. How better could it start then with the world cup final against Spain.

But things don’t always go as planned. Yesterday I broke my back T11 column at the thoracic vertebrae. It is thankfully a stable fracture, but it does mean that I can only sit right up or lay down. It is the way it is.

And the final? I congratulate Spain with their first and well deserved win of the world cup final.

Without warning

2010, Photography

There is so much I want to do. Maybe write about what drives me to photography, talk about compositions, doing another tutorial, and what the heck, even ramble about gear.

I want to have new photographs, but I don’t want to take photographs. I always have a camera with me, “the Best Camera Is The One That’s with You”, but I don’t care.

I suck, I hate it. Full of ideas and no idea how to execute them. Of course I do know how to do it from a technical point, but my mind is not up there.

You know, every ones in a while you realize there is a lack of inspiration. And worst of all, for me it always comes without warning. Or at least, I don’t recognize the symptoms at that moment.

I don’t want to spent anytime behind the computer. I see always the same things and I don’t notice it. It is ordinary and it remains ordinary. No shadows, no light. Photoshop is killing me. I hate RAW, but I do hate jpeg too. When I leave home, it is dark. When I go home, it is dark.

I visit forums, check flickr, visit blogs. And all I see, feels to me like a déjà vu. It is not bad, in fact it is often great work. But I feel no spark within me.

So, I think it is best to take some rest. Not be worried. Visit or mail friends. And…..

Some day it will change and it will often be without warning too. At some point I notice that there is wonderful light and that it draws amazing shadows. I mean I love shadows, I just don’t like total darkness.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma