17 thoughts on “WEEK COLLECTION 07

  1. Wouter how are you man? These are superb? How have you been? What are you shooting with these days? Hope you’re well. Yul >

    1. Hi Yul. Thank you man for hopping by. Different work now, another daily commute. A lot has happened in the past year after my son had a stroke. For my photography I’ve just been using my iPhone. And you? Still photographing in between work?

  2. Wouter, this is a terrific collection. Just shot on iPhone? Amazing.

    As you first noted many years ago, Ricoh’s GR line is incredibly fragile. My original GR has bit the dust and a good friend’s has as well. I’ve been using the GR II for a year now and it seems to be better although hard to tell. The Fuji X70 is my alternative although it lacks the magic of the GR’s high contrast filter. I too have not been shooting as much. I can honestly blame American politics as one of the big reasons why. Very scary times here in the US. Be well, keep up the great work.

    1. These are all made with an iPhone Richard. Cameras are tools and should be used whenever possible, but should be, at least for me, intuitive to use. That is where Ricoh excels at in my opinion. I just hoped they would last a bit longer.

      Except for the lack of high contrast filter how does the X70 fares against the GR and GRII?

      1. The Fuji X70 is built like a tank and has excellent controls, not as intuitive for me as the Ricoh but once you get into the Fuji mindset they work very well. I like the articulating LCD panel very much for ground level shooting. My only issue with the camera, and it’s not a big deal, is that it has a lens cap instead of a guillotine closure but of course, the guillotine is what breaks on the Ricoh pretty often so maybe the lens cap is the way to go. The files the X70 makes are excellent, even jpegs are very high quality. I doubt you’d dislike it Wouter but again, it’s not a Ricoh GR, it does lack the magic of that camera.

        1. Thanks for your thoughts Richard. I find the X70 size worrying (it sounds funny, I know, for such a small camera). And I don’t see a purpose of an articulating LCD screen for my photography. It only adds bulk and harms the button layout on the back of the camera.

          1. Wouter, it’s not perfect but it’s built very well. I do like the articulating LCD for ground level work and for shooting straight up at the base of trees and buildings. It does affect the button layout for sure and I’ve never been a huge fan of Fuji ergonomics. Still, I do like the camera. If Canon would get their collective act together in this area I’m sure they could make something that worked well but alas, I’m not crazy about any of their stuff. And, the Sony RX100 models have flush mounted controls which I can’t use easily with thin gloves on in winter which makes that camera only good for warm weather shooting for me. It is a nice camera though, even with its odd ergonomics.

  3. An environment you’re passing through, not inhabiting. Same for the fellow travelers, unlike the mole, none live there. I was heartened a bit to hear last post that your son is stable or improving, but the decisions you had to shoulder with their unknowable, but so serious, consequences, ah… it was too hard to comment then. Above or below ground, the photographer embraces the light he finds.

    My best wishes to you and the family, my friend, and a happy holiday season.

  4. You’re capturing the moments at the edge of the day, where people seem to be exhausted. If that is caused by the day that lies ahead or behind them is unclear. Shutting down the world for a few moments, while going from A to B.

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