Traveling without noticing

2012, Photography, Quote

Getting distracted by unnecessities and keeping your eyes closed for worthy changes makes traveling worthless in my opinion.

Worthless traveling

Admitted I got distracted and wanted to keep my eyes closed for evolving changes around me. Tired of photographing, realizing that I had to take photographs to feel well. I gave myself a good break and noticed that I wanted to photographing again. Without distraction, fluid, and freely. Just simplicity and driven by emotions.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

13 thoughts on “Traveling without noticing

  1. Well, you did keepmyour eyes open at the right moment, to capture this sleeping man and his ‘twin brother’ sitting behind him. The resemblance is striking! Excellent!

  2. Actually, a train or plane trip can be a perfect time to zone out, take a nap, keep one’s eyes closed, and tune out. I do it regularly although I do enjoy looking around as well.

    1. So true Richard, but often the most interesting moments are in these time to zone possibly zone out. But it is metaphorically too. When you move on from one phase to the other in photography. These in between moments are often the most interesting.

  3. Travels are always the destination. And we all should roll with the flow. And like you said just simple & driven by emotions. A dark & beautiful composition, Wouter, of a moment I know so well because I’m a doing about 1200 km each week at the moment.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch

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