Tunneled Vision

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Tunneled Vision

Completely unintended it happened that I have hardly been active with photography lately. Time is scarce and there are only 24 hours in a day. There is stuff I want to do, but it seems I have to keep it on hold though. And I really have no idea how long it will take.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma


13 thoughts on “Tunneled Vision

  1. Wouter, have you thought of making photography your way of earning a living? Then you wouldn’t have to set it aside. Of course then you’d have to do it every day! 🙂

    1. There is more to do that Jamie. It is the difference between wanting to make the photographs I see and feel or the photographs others expect me to take. I prefer the first, but at times results in a necessary break.

  2. We as photographers are always working. We see images in our mind, like it or not. The fact that we don’t print or process on the computer does not mean we are not working. You may think your in a down time or taking time off but your not. As a photographer, you don’t get off that easy…..

    1. I never said taking a break is the easy way, Don. In fact, I feel it is almost harder to take a break than to take new photographs. And in this case I don’t take a break, because I want too. No, I take a break ’cause there is no other option available now. I need my thoughts and time for completely different things that drain me completely. It drains me to the point that I have no energy to press the shutter.

      Yet, you are right. I see images, always, everywhere. They don’t connect with me though and I want that to happen. Your thoughts though keep me sharp. Thanks.

  3. Light at the end of every tunnel. No matter how long it takes to get there. As long as there is a light, there will be a vision, there will be these excellent frames of yours. And as long as there are these pictures there will be me following you on these paths wherever they will lead us to.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. There is a school of thought that holds a person to be what he/she habitually does. That, taken to its logical conclusion, suggests that what one is can be changed over time by the changing of habits.

    1. For me that logic seems to exclude occurrences that happen around you. Or of course you think that your habits draw these occurrences. I just believe everything needs it’s time, I need the ups and downs, the excitement and the tiredness. While doubts and uncertainties feel uneasy and makes you uncomfortable, they are not your enemy. They are new inspirations and fuel creativity.

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