week 33 | 2011

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I am a stroll photographer. Yes, I said it: “Stroll photographer.” I know it doesn’t sound so sexy as street photographer or the even cooler streettog.  I don’t give workshops and don’t use a flash to scare the neighborhood. I have hardly anytime to pay visit to a larger city and practice street photography, but what I can do a lot more is stroll my (mostly empty) streets of my hometown. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like street photography, but it does mean I am proud of being a stroll photographer.

Be who you want to be.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

20 thoughts on “week 33 | 2011

  1. “Strolling” is the best way to go, IMHO … a camera always in reach and that’s it, wandering in the streets…
    Anyway, well done for your series/projects which I discover. Cheers !

  2. I think it’s just right for you to be proud of being a stroll photographer: It’s amazing how you can find these many different motifs in “only” your hometown!
    Are you only going to post coloured photography in the near feature?

  3. Hi Wouter

    Last week was a fantastic series and this week equally so. You really have perfected your colours and you seem to have taken to the square format, as we say in England ‘like a duck to water’. I wish you continued inspiration for your 365 project!


    1. Still 19 weeks to go and the autumn is on the lure. The heath nearby is purple, silver birches show first signs of coloring, and the fungus can already be seen. I hope the changes will be inspirational.

  4. Doesn´t really matter which camera “falls” in your hand. You make us see the world not through their lenses (like the majority of us do) but through the eye of your soul.. You unequivocally have a style of your own that I really enjoy. Notwithstanding, in the GF1/Pana20 you may have found a “soul-mate”…

    1. Thank you Erik. Maybe the GF1/Pana20 is my current “soul-mate”. Dunno, but I do now it is small, easy accessible, and simple and fast enough to start bothering me.

      1. That last portrait is stunningly beautiful: delicate but intense. Had me “hooked” in front of the screen for a good few minutes. I would love to see a print of that image. One that will surely still be around and bring some warm memories in twenty years time… Just out of curiosity, are you using NIK software (or similar) for your post-process or are you “hand” processing? Thanks.

        1. The portrait is sure a proud dad moment and also for my daughter.

          Currently I have a mixture of a Lightroom preset, Nik Color Efex Pro setting and some final tweaks in Lightroom and/or Photoshop.

  5. Beautiful set Wouter I highly enjoyed it. You’re color work is certainly very inspiring and while on the topic of strolling, nothing wrong with that, its awesome.

    1. Thank you Jorge. There is sure nothing wrong with strolling. I made the statement, because I regretfully feel there is nowadays too much focus on street photography and being/becoming a credited street photographer. As if there is nothing else. In particular with people setting up workshops while a few years ago you never heard of them, the genre street photography becomes to commercialized. And I also believe it looses the sense of it’s contextual importance with too many close in the face photographs.

  6. You’ve selected an interesting color palette, Wouter. it reminds me of 1970s polaroid film–undersaturated, slightly distorted colors. It’s fun to watch your photography evolve as you are experimenting here–still a strong “Wouter” look despite the changes. And that is really what we are aiming for as photographers, I think–a strong personal style that shows through no matter what the camera, lens, format or processing.

      1. I hear you. My Nikon jpg’s tend to go neon green. Way too saturated and sometimes too blue. To my eye Olympus has about the best out of camera greens, but I really like a lot of the old darker greens one got out of film (not velvia), some of the Kodak films I believe. They were not nearly as saturated and seemed truer to life in many cases. I also find digital has trouble rendering differing shades of green in the same scene. It seems to pick the most predominant shade and assign that value to all greens.

  7. An interesting post coupled with an intriguing dialogue below. I like the idea of the “stroll” photographer. While I probably don’t fall myself into that category, I’m not sure street photographer has ever been the best way to describe someone in this “genre.”

    I should also say I like your style of processing. Nice work.

    1. Maybe stroll photography is not really a genre, but can be seen as a way of photographing and how subjects naturally can appear in front of the lens. Urban, street, and some more, generally a mixture, but most importantly without restrictions that are usually associated with particular genres.

      Loved your blog by the way.

  8. I just stumble onto your blog via,via,via but WOW great way of seeing things. Also a good way to describe how you perform photography. Sometimes I feel a “stroll” photographer myself. Also your way of presenting the photo’s as in a offset magazine is pleasing on the screen.

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