Rainy Rotterdam

2010, Photography

With a couple of photographers we went to Rotterdam, the largest European harbor city, today. I decided to pack light and only have the GRD3 with me. It was however a very rainy and windy day.

And I promised myself not to photograph the most photographed bridge of Rotterdam. But since the conditions were not really adequate for street photography I eventually took one of the Erasmus bridge.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

10 thoughts on “Rainy Rotterdam

  1. Wouter, I have become a fan of “pack light” [as in weight, not EV] also. A GRD is about my limit, I can’t quite bring myself to only use a phone camera. I like the graphic quality of your bridge image – nice.

  2. Wouter, I’ve taken so many photos of the bridge that it’s embarrassing 🙂
    I like your shot of the elderly couple watching the world go by; there’s also a nice movement blur outside the train window. Even the desolate metro entrance says something about the conditions which you had to endure.

  3. hey WOUTER
    LOVE what YOU do w/ the GRD3…Outstanding
    & Tres Cooool about NIT buying another Cam
    jYour doing Quite Fab w/ the Ricoh
    I too have went leaner in Gear
    and am Limiting myself to really just finding ‘the Shot’
    xo- H

    1. There have already been so many photographers proving their point that the camera is just there to record something you see. Winogrand and his Leica M + 28mm, Daido Moriyama with his Ricoh GR1. Simplicity takes the strain of learning a camera and frees you to learn and see.

  4. Hi Wouter-
    I patiently wait for your posts and I am never disappointed. The image of the two people on the train is priceless. Thank you for sharing.

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