Mood changes

2010, Photography

The previous weeks have been very intense. I learned a lot more about the direction of my photography. I followed some training learning to value photographs and photography and it was very meaningful. Eventually I decided not to buy a new camera, since it wouldn’t bring me anything for my photography now.

In the meantime I also decided to quit my contributor/partner ship with And I lost many of my latest photographs due to a mechanical failure of my hard drive.  Thankfully though I started to photograph again despite the heavy rainfall in last Saturday in Rotterdam.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

21 thoughts on “Mood changes

  1. Thankfully though I started to photograph again

    I know how you feel. I’m going through a rough patch myself where my hand and eye are not in harmony with my camera.

    Normally I just love the feel of the camera in my hand, looking through the VF and the sound of the shutter.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your photos. I had a similar incident last year. You mentioned that you decided not to get a new camera. What camera were you thinking of getting?

    I recently picked up two new film cameras to accompany my GRD3 and have been really enjoying the feel of them and the excitement of shooting film. You don’t realize how much you miss something until you go without it for some time. It’s nice to get back into the swing of things.

    I hope to see good things from you soon.

    1. I had been thinking of the Panasonic G1 with the 20mm lens. Still pretty simple, but with a decent viewfinder. In the end though the GRD3 is perfectly fine for me. Small, unobtrusive. I don’t need to learn a new camera (although that is usually not a big deal for me). I have thought about shooting film again with my GR1 or other film cameras.

      Congrats on your new Nokton lens by the way!

  3. Sounds similar. I am very disconnected from my photography right now for lack of time and illnesses in the family. And I’m finding that I miss OVFs more and more since my primary cameras are compacts. I’ve realized that a good OVF is such a part of my seeing in photography.

    Cheer up, man : )

    1. I’ll cheer up Andrew! And get yourself a good OVF for your compacts. It can make all the differences. And of course make sure to switch of the LCD and wait for the images to review when you get home.

  4. I’ve been there, and still having up and downs. Just keep close to yourself and your feelings and try to find the right way to express your emotions and ambitions.

  5. Hi Wouter

    Shame to hear about your misfortune with your photos. I try and back mine up each month or so as I start to get panicky after a while. Still, perhaps you can look upon it as a fresh start, freed from the tyranny of all those photos you were going to edit one day.

    I thought it was a small world when you said you had been thinking of getting the G1. That’s the camera I bought after your GX200. I personally couldn’t get on with it but there was no doubting about it’s great ability and flexibility with screen and evf.

    I moved on from that to a EP-1 which I have with the Olly 17mm (Not as good as the Panny 20mm but got an excellent price for it all). I now also have the Sony NEX-3 which is another great camera for different situations, improved of late with firmware update 3.

    I’m actually quite happy all said right now for equipment and just enjoying taking the shots and helping others to learn about their cameras and photography.

    Ps, I loved your cross processed GRD3 shots, more please 😉

  6. Lovely shots Wouter. I am very sorry to hear about the hard drive failure. have you considered professional data recovery services? They retrieve almost anything these days….Best regards

  7. Hi Wouter, excellent work and sorry to hear from your drive crash 😦 … For me, I am doing a backup of my picture hard drive every one or two weeks, so in worst case I will not loose everything … for my work now I am testing to backup on my new IPad -means I will have a backup of my SD cards for some period and then after having saved everything to the backup hard drive of my PC,I will delete the files on the IPad to get the space free … the IPad also works fine for my mails and my blog – I am writing on it at the moment from San Francisco
    … and yes the right camera is always a question and gives sometimes some pain … I have been shooting the Fuji S200EXR very intense during my stay in US, but to be honest I am really missing my G R D III in some – a lot – situations … will be back on Saturday in Germany and love to take the GRD in my hands again 🙂

    1. How brave to travel without the GRD. I look foward to see your images soon.

      I am looking for a Raid 1 drive and a smaller 2.5″ drive that will be filled once a week. The smaller drive will be kept outside my house.

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