15 thoughts on “In the light

  1. It’s amazing, the DOF is almost similar despite the different sensor sizes. I checked the EXIF and noticed that you used a SLR Canon EOS 10D f-stop unknown 1/2000sec ISO-100 and the compact RICOH GR DIGITAL 3 f1/9 1/160sec ISO-100.

  2. Two different, but great interpretations. Because of the beautiful colors, the first one is the “winner” for me.

    Did a lot of shooting with the 20D/50mm myself last week for my http://50millimeter.tumblr.com project. Need to get used to processing non-phoneshots again, but quite happy with the first results.

    Nice new layout, by the way.

    1. That is what I encounter too. The look, dynamic range, and in particular the midtones are completely different. But mostly it forces to photograph differently.

  3. I love the first one, soft, soft light (although hard in whites), but it gives a true summer feeling!

    1. One of the reason I use old legacy lenses is that it gives me a more soft and less contrasty look. It helps me to achieve a dreamy feeling with a minimal amount of post processing.

  4. Mooie lay-out Wouter! Vind je eerste foto met die subtiele kleuren erg mooi.
    Groetjes vanuit Noorwegen.

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