Ricoh GX200

From the Left

2008, Flickr, Photography

I start liking the jpegs of the GX200. They look better and have more bite than the RAW files. Processing the jpegs is easier too. In Lightroom I increase the blacks for darker shadows, drag the exposure slider to the left, lighten the midtones with the brightness slider, and add a bit of clarity. But the best thing is, that it doesn’t increase the noise either. You could also do the same thing in Apple Aperture, quick and easy.

Just some rumbling about gear, but why the hell does a camera manufacturer with the intention to create cameras for a niche market (with photographers in mind) add options like multi AF, leveler, matrix metering, and image stabilization? If a camera was made with usability and photography in mind, it could still be a basic camera. Do you seriously need all those bells and whistles? I think it is not only about the handling of a camera, but also about the photographs. I don’t think image quality is the best name for that, but I would love to have a larger sensor in a simple camera with a good lens.

Ricoh GX200

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

5 thoughts on “From the Left

  1. I think this shot is really great; the fog adds a lot to the overall atmosphere. Was it taken in the early morning? Oh, and it´s incredibly sharp for being taken handheld @ 1/4sec.

  2. I was suprised too. I should have put it on f2.8 or even f2.5 to gain a faster shutter. But this occured so fast. These cows are so incredible curious, and before you know they move on.


  3. Yes, a very lovely image. From your comments regarding the 200 (and cameras in general) you seem to be something of a purist. How do you feel about film-based cameras?

  4. When cost is no deal for me I would immediately return to film-based cameras. I would preferably pick up a Konica Hexar AF. You know, film is still special, but digital is so much cheaper when you bought the camera. I just hope some manufacturer will develop a less sophisticated, but still responsive camera. It is that close that Sigma came with the DP1.

  5. Very nice picture Wouter, the fog in the background really adds to it and creates a nice early morning mood.

    As for features like leveler etc. in cameras, as long as these features do not get in the way of you taking pictures and can be turned off, I think it’s good to have them. Example: A Rangefinder is all nice and well but I would like the option to turn on auto focus sometimes to make life easier.

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