Starum, Staveren (Stavoren)

2008, Photography

Three different names for only place in the Northern Province of Fryslân (Friesland), the Netherlands. Starum and Staveren (though the latter is hardly used anymore) are both in the Frisian language. Frisian is the second official language in the Netherlands. Stavoren, I will use the Dutch name now, is a former fishing town in the Southwest of Friesland. A region better known as Gasterlân (Gaasterland).

Beautifully located in this little town is the old harbour where you will mostly find sailingboats from the “Brown Fleet”. Today we were lucky with sunshine wetter, despite a rainy start.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

15 thoughts on “Starum, Staveren (Stavoren)

  1. Wow, how did you get these colors? Was this a filter or something or photoshop? Very film-like in a positive sense! The first three photos are really stunning, the third one being my favorite. Anyway, the whole series is really nice, the third from the bottom would be another favorite with it´s very special color and the framing composition.

  2. Wouter, you can’t do this sort of thing. When your web page first resolved I thought I was at the wrong place: colour pictures? Wouter? No way.

    But here we are, your loyal Internet fan-base, looking over these lovely photos. You do such a wonderful job of capturing the everyday, but making it look special.

    Especially like the couple on the bench…..can I assume you used some fill-flash?

  3. Thank you guys. I must say that the B&W photographs looked great too. Especially the last one. But, I thought these colors better expressed my feelings of that day.

    I used a preset for Lightroom from the website x=blog+stay+informed. The original preset had heavy noise reduction, (not for noise reduction purposes, but for a dreamy look) but I set the luminance back to zero. Lightroom is great with presets. They can form an excellent basis for a look. After applying you just tweak it a bit.

  4. Thank you for the link, Wouter. Unfortunately, the X-Equals-Blog seems to be offline at the moment, but I will check it out later.
    The B&W-version of the last picture does seem to be another photograph. I really like the atmosphere of the color version, but in B&W there are some kind of really cool “light circles” in the sky, framing the sitting persons. In the color version this is nearly unvisible (on my screen, at least).

  5. Wouter, nice job as always. I’ve not ever posted here before, I’m just a lurker. I really enjoy your photographs. My favorite shot in this group is the 6th one down. I really love the way the clouds look.

    I know you’ve been shooting JPG with your GX-200. Were these done as such? If so, you have more control in Lightroom using JPG than I originally thought was available. Have you found Lightroom to work well enough in your process when dealing with JPG?

  6. Thank you Jeremy for your kind words. I shoot jpeg and raw. For B&W I seem to prefer jpeg from the GX200 more. 9 out of 10 times I use the B&W jpeg with some little tweaking in Lightroom. I set the contrast and sharpness at +2 in the camera. In Lightroom I tune down the exposure and bring up the black point and brightness. This works so much better with the jpegs than with the RAW files. I remain disappointed in the RAW files for B&W, especially in combination to the processing technique I used in Lightroom with the luminance sliders.

    The preset I used for this set of photographs does work really well to for color jpegs. I am seriously thinking about shooting in color always. OK, there is some smearing going on with the jpegs, but honestly, the RAW files hardly look better in my opinion.

    I am thinking about writing about these workflow changes for me.


  7. This is a fantastic set Wouter! Love all the images and the colors are great. Kinda glad the GX200 forces you to process images in a different way ;).
    Especially the 2nd, 6th and 8th pictures are great, my favorite is the 8th.

  8. And guess what? I seem to prefer the jpegs more and more. Kind off strange since most think the GX200 is better in RAW. I am very pleased with the colors too. Like dlc said, it is a bit filmlike.

  9. This is good to hear, from what I’Ve seen from the GX200 at the Ricoh meet-up, the JPGS are much better than the GRD II JPGs and I think I could live with them.

  10. Hello, I come from the Norwegian city Stavern in Larvik kommune. I just would like to know the origin , the meaning ,of the word Stavern, since our name most likely comes from the Dutch immigration towards the Nordic countries in the fifth or sixth century.
    Thanks a lot.
    All best
    Tor Gaard

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