Winter beauty

2009, Photography

Every season does have its beauty. Normally the winter can be dark and grey in the Netherlands, but with frost and snow it becomes very special too. And after a thick mist the other day, we got a lot of beautiful hoarfrost today.

This patch of snow contains some time limited evidence. Probably next week it will all be gone again.

Time limited Evidence by Wouter Brandsma

I am still amazed about the bokeh from this little lens.

Snow Crown by Wouter Brandsma

I photographed this place more often, you know that Ronald, but it seems so pretty today. I couldn’t ignore it.

Estate Hoekelum by Wouter Brandsma

Barbed wire gets covered with hoarfrost.

Barbed wire by Wouter Brandsma

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

14 thoughts on “Winter beauty

  1. I feel a chill in my bones looking at the photos – I do not like the cold 😦
    The the cold you’ve had in the Netherlands has given my 2year old granddaughter who lives near Zwolle the opportunity to go skating on a river.
    Nice set of photos.

  2. A granddaughter near Zwolle. How wonderful. And what a great happening. Skating is in our Dutch DNA. And north of Zwolle, in the direction of Giethoorn you can find some of the best regions for skating.

    The cold is nearly over though, but the winter isn’t. So who knows?


  3. I love the picture of the fence (and the dog, but I’m a sucker for dogs). Over all great snow pictures. I love the snow to and taking pictures of things covered in it, but my favorite season would have to be the fall.

  4. These sadly remind me of Belgium and how crazy I am to go back at Christmastime. I hope you wear a little bonnet when you go out.

    Crouching down is the best way to photograph pets. Eye level. You are lucky it was not a little Yorkie. 🙂

    I bought the Hasselblad by the way… only to find out there is not one lab in Dallas that still has a darkroom. 😦

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