What is next?

2018, thoughts

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I’ve run this blog since 2007, but I know I haven’t posted a lot in the last two years. Having dealt with a burn-out last year, I’m doing fine now, I started to wonder what to do with my blog. Is a blog about my own photography sustainable, should I broaden my horizon, or should I just put an end to it?

From all the social media efforts and platforms we’ve seen in the last decade I still believe blogging is still the best in the long term. In essence blogging hasn’t changed, while platforms came and disappeared. Whenever a larger company buys a platform it might grow in number of users, but also loses it’s core essence. Just look at Flickr or Instagram, in my opinion.

So I decided to keep running my blog. In what form I’m not still sure yet. Maybe it will become a combination of image(s) posts, micro blogging, and long form pieces. And maybe, or possibly, beyond photography.

I still love photography, but there is so much more I like or am interested in.

The blog is not dead!

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

Two years

2009, Photography

Quietly I passed my two years blogging yesterday. I wanted to keep it business as usual, but two years is quite long I think in the blogging world. So maybe, I thought it was worth it to make a quick round-up of some of the best and the worst.

On 22 December 2007 I posted two photographs from the early winter entry in the Netherlands and that post got a staggering 2 views. In 2008, February 10 as a matter of fact, I posted my first brick wall test.

In 2007 I posted two posts with rumors about a Leica M9 and a possible Nikon re-entry in the rangefinder world. Both articles caused a lot of traffic, but I later removed these rumors. Was not really happy with the mails I received and thought the two articles really didn’t belong on my blog.

I am still pretty happy with both my impressions of the Ricoh GX200 and GR Digital 3. I loved photographing with the Leica M8 this fall (see here, here and here some of the photographs). But some of my best moments were meeting some of my friends I made on the internet in the last two years.

And of course the photographs. Last winter for instance I made a series about my hometown, which actually is a never ended project. And in 2008 I wrote and documented my visit to photokina. And I have been really pleased with the response I got for my first autism project I made this September.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma