week 6 | 2012

2012, Photography, Project

I really thought about quitting this week with my PAD project. No inspiration, no time, nothing changing, everything the same, and for the first time since last year February I felt the pressure of photographing to keep the project going. I need ideas or at least a different locations to photograph. And I constantly feel these doubts. It feels like nothing is changing, no progress, what do I learn? And these thoughts what would happen if I temporary stop for a couple of days. Would I still be able to motivate myself?

I fought the entire week with these doubts, doubts about continuing the project, doubts about my photography, doubts about sharing my photography. Still, I believe stopping now makes no sense to me. I don’t need to continue, no I want to continue. I am thinking about setting myself some goals every week to find suitable subjects to photograph.

Last January a group of photographers, including me, on a forum (a forum focused on compact cameras and it’s practical usage) participated in a project to photograph each day with only one camera-lens setup the entire month. The intention was to actually enjoy your photographic gear and just really appreciate the process of making photographs. Since I already photographed each day and mostly used a single setup, I insisted on participating. It was special to see each and everyone being a lot more creative than they ever thought they would be. Many were excited, some thought it was tough to photograph each day without any particular event occurring. There was a lot less chit chat about gear (which I personally think is a really good thing), but when the project was finished the interesting photo-related discussions stopped. Most instantly went back to all their gear and moaned that they would never do it again. It frustrated me and made me realize (again) that these forums are really the wrong places for me. I like to find like-minded people to talk and enjoy photography (in particular photographs). The popularity of these forums however drive mostly on the gear enthusiast in my opinion. I love to be challenged and feel inspired and motivated by seeing good photography. I love to get out and I greatly enjoy the photographic process, seeing moments, making photographs

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

week 6 | 2011

2011, Photography, Project, weekly project

This week wasn’t really the easiest. Time, moments, inspiration, mostly the lack of it. And my grandmother died last Thursday. We mourn, but are happy for her too. The Alzheimer struggle just took too long. The events kind of delayed my new Ricoh GXR article, but I hope that I can get it online within the two upcoming weeks.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma