week 39 | 2011

2011, Photography, Project, weekly project

I just finished week 39, but I do also notice that I more often start to loose counting the weeks passing by. And together with some of the comments I had in my previous post gives me the confidence to keep continuing this daily photography project. I think I will try to keep it up as long as I can take it.

And the same is for my color work. Confidence and comfort zone are still not really applicable for my color work, and that depicts on my feelings. But I feel the challenge and the different depth it can add to photographs makes it worth to learn more about it.

Funny how old tools still can look so good. Light this 1920’s light meter produced by Herlango from Austria.

And funny too how awkward modern day gear has become due to adding more and more stuff to it. Sure consumerism makes companies profitable, but makes everything so incredibly complicated to use that it is no wonder that a Nikon PR guy wrote on facebook: “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses“. You don’t grow into your gear to become a better photographer? You grow in your photography and gear only should play it’s own part.

Part of the reason too why I really liked using the Leica M8 recently. And I don’t care about the red logo and I do think it is too expensive. But on the other hand it is everything you really need as a photographer.

I received a review sample of the Pentax Q on Friday. It comes standard with this pretty small 47mm f/1.9 prime lens. It is good to see how the firmware got finalized since the end of July when I first saw the Pentax Q. It is quite a bit smaller and lighter than the Ricoh GRD3. The firmware has some really nice stuff going on which I will explain in a different post. And for those interested, the last photograph was taken with the Pentax Q and in the upcoming weeks all photographs will be taken with the Q.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma