Arranging thougts

2012, Photography

Sometimes thoughts move up and down, and bounce from one side to the other. A friend said that even when you’re not actually making photographs, you still see them. For me though, connecting to these photographs, even if I only see them, is what truly matters to me. Even if I don’t like them, which often happens, the connection with my feelings made it worth the effort.

Last month I hardly took any photographs, physically or mentally. While what I see doesn’t connect, it is certainly not that photography is on my mind. I am working on a photobook, though the progress is slow. I participated in another photography related project, but more on that later (not this post). Currently though time is my biggest enemy.

I try to refocus om new stuff and try to get rid of the distracting bits. I stop with the local photography club. For some the internet is shallow, but I witnessed great friends, good photography, and good discussions. Sure there is a lot of crap out there, but you can skip it easily. While I appreciated the conversations on a photography club, the regularity was difficult to combine with family life and work (reason why the average age is rather high). The costs participating in a club are relatively high with printing and traveling. And I never witnessed a personal progress.

Upcoming Tuesday I will be visiting Photokina, but not so much for the gear. Sure the new stuff will be interesting, just check all the excitement on photography forums, but I feel absolutely no need to change it.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma