After Blue Monday

2010, Photography

While recovering my blues I visited the local photography club for the first time last night. No gear talk, many female members and discussing shown work by some of the members. Soon the club will have an exhibition and the general theme for the exhibition is nature. Not necessarily my favorite theme, but some of sub-themes can be interesting though. The first sub-theme will be “the beauty of nature”, the second “the threatened nature” and the third is “people and nature”. The shown work was diverse and of mixed quality, and it was good to see these members making their efforts. Believe me, this is still so much better then all those boring dpreview gear talk.

Still not sure, but these photographs might be something for “the threatened nature” sub-theme.

When it comes to my personal photography, I am still on a break. While the quality of the photographs might still be there, I miss the satisfaction of making photographs. February is soon, 10 days and counting.

But my concern is meaningless in comparison to the disaster in Haiti. Please take a moment to see the photographs of Danish photographer Jan Grarup of the Haitian aftermath.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma