2010, Photography

As a photographer determined to explore, to learn, I realize that sharing my photography and musings makes me vulnerable sometimes. Even though I hit some bumps while blogging about photography I still very much love the entire experience. Met great people, read fantastic blogs and saw wonderful photography around me. Exploration is in my opinion the key to the excitement and joy.

Even though I photograph mostly B&W it doesn’t mean my vision, perspective, and feelings are B&W too. I am open for anything. In fact I want to give color photography a new chance (used to shoot slides for more than a decade). I want to write more about these deliberate decision makings. I like it to be definitive when I take the photograph and not deal with it later in my post processing.

Even though I don’t like the over emphasize on gear on the web I will not stay away from it either. Not only in oh and ah (new is often not better), but write more on how gear can influence your photography. In fact, I am at the point of acquiring a new camera. More about that soon. And of course Photokina will start next week, so a lot of new stuff will be introduced too, but is it always up to our expectations?

But most importantly the photographs and the moment excite me and I want to write more about that. Tutorials on post processing can be found anywhere. The same for more technical related stuff on exposures and compositions. These sure helps to take better photographs, but there is always more than meets the eye.

I am also looking for chances of collaboration with other photographers, working together on projects. Last year we tried sharedphotography, but time was not on our side. I still believe in collaboration and hope to explore more that more.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma