Ricoh GXR

2009, Photography

Many thanks to Which? Reviews for sharing the first impression of Ricoh’s latest camera which was announced Tuesday, November 10.

The camera will come with two lenses at first. A 24-72mm f/2.5-4.4 lens with a 10 megapixel CCD sensor which could well be the same small sensor as used for the GR Digital III. And there will be 50mm f/2.5 macro lens with a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor.

Update, 10 November 2009
The word is out. The new Ricoh GXR is there and dpreview has their preview of this camera just posted.

And Ricoh posted all the product info, including some impressive samples on their website. There is more at the special Japanese GXR special page. And are already taking pre-orders for this camera.

My first impressions are that it is pricey, and I am not really enthusiastic about the little zoom lens with the small CCD sensor which makes it a quite expensive GX200 in my opinion. Even though the 50mm macro lens isn’t the fastest lens around I am already impressed with some of the posted samples taken with that lens unit. And I could get more excited about this system if Ricoh actually plan to produce a cartridge with a M-mount. According to an interview by Amateur Photographer Ricoh is certainly interested in such possibility.