Where I stand

2012, Photography

This is where I stand

This is where I stand. There is so much I want to say, so much I want to shed my light on. But I just don´t know. I stopped my PAD project and thought I did well. Yet, it feels different. I am not sure whether the relief is still a relief. I am certain though that I won´t restart it again.

Doldrums, yeah doldrums. Like a sailor gets stuck in the doldrums, I feel like I get stuck too. Stuck between the PAD project and something to get me excited again.

This is where I stand. Stuck in my lack of inspiration, in my boredom with how I perceive current photography. It is where I stand. I do however need this too. It will help appreciate things better, not yet. It will however come, some day.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma