Don’t leave

2010, Photography

I seriously want to return to one photograph per post unless I have some photographs that have things in common or are part of more lengthly series. While looking for inspiration I searched the web too and found a suggestion to lock yourself up in a room and take 50 photographs. I extended the room to my house, but still wanted to make sure I took 50 photographs in total.

Last night I finished with 19 photographs in my first selection and than carefully started to edit these photographs. Around mid night I had settled on 7 photographs and this morning I reduced it to my final edit of 5 photographs.

I first started to photograph everything I noticed, but after an hour I started to notice the light fall at subjects. Instead of the subjects, it was the light that started to intrigue me.

It was a good practice I think. Not only to see common things differently, but also to be more selective in my editing. And I am determined to this more often until the light and inspiration is back. There is no necessity to leave your house, district, or country to find photographic moments.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma