A glimpse of the street

2010, Photography

I know I’ve said I wanted to do less street photography (don’t have a lot of opportunities), but after two days of training I had a chance to shortly visit the city of Utrecht in the center of the Netherlands. I loved the tension and looking for interesting subjects. And it also gave me the opportunity to try the Ricoh GXR with the S10 module.

It basically becomes a GX200 with the GR Digital III sensor. The camera certainly performs a lot better than the GX200, but I really think the high ISO images from the GR Digital III are better to me. There is still a lot of noise reduction going on and also the RAW images are quite blotchy.

The combination of the size and weight of the camera is really nice and well balanced. 28mm focal length, my Voigtländer optical viewfinder instead of the electronic viewfinder, and the screen off. Nice! Ricoh should really come up with a nice pancake 35mm lens in my opinion. 28mm would be nice too, but since the GR Digital should remain the top of the line camera it is just not going to happen anyway. So, a 35mm f/2.0 lens it should be I think.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma