The passion is at risk

2010, Photography

I strongly apologize for keeping my posts at such a low rate. I currently find photography really hard. Last night a friend of my sent me a mail directing to an article on The Visual Science Lab by Kirk Tuck, “The passion is in the risk“. While he might be so right with his article I believe there is an even greater risk on the lure. And that is the risk of loosing your passion. Even when challenges might still be available, when you can’t free up your mind, or when your mood and expression possibilities are not in sync, your passion can be at risk.

This year just too much happened which kept me from photographing and admittedly I didn’t really miss it. I thought about starting drawing again, reading books, listening to music, and at least not picking up a camera. I haven’t been able to draw again and reading books didn’t happen either. I however stopped photography for a while and I slowly start to notice that I kind of miss it again.

I even started to think about new ideas too. A 365 project, shooting everyday the upcoming year. Portraits of – unknown – people. Even though I haven’t made up my mind yet it starts to give some new energy again (or at least I hope so).

This post is not really a warning, like the previous one, but more a reminder to make sure you take time to keep the passion alive.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma