Not much to come

2009, Photography

Horn the trompets by Wouter Brandsma
Most amateur photographers want to become better photographers, right? I saw a thread at that actually might interest those who think that better photography is related to a new camera or that some magic wonder might eventually happen. The OP in his thread mentions he wants to become a better photographer, but is also too lazy to drag a SLR. That digital point & shoot cameras don’t offer him the tools and results he wants. That analogue is a lot of work(?), but he also would like to have a Leica to find out what all the fuzz is about. Seriously? He or she really doesn’t know it in my opinion.
In the light by Wouter Brandsma
Come on. Photography is not about buying the latest cameras. Is not about having a Leica or a compact camera to keep it in your pocket. Or a ridiculously priced Leica point & shoot camera. Photography is about getting out there and take as many photographs you want. When you want to become a better photographer or become better in a particular discipline of photography, you get out there and practice. Practice a lot. And the good thing about practicing is that you actually don’t need the latest camera, you can do it with any camera.
On the fence by Wouter Brandsma
Rather learn how to see compositions. Make your photographs more interesting. Try to envision virtual shapes in your photographs like triangles or spirals (or whatever) that will help the viewer unconsciously to guide their eyes through your photographs. See the effects of using open spaces. Some try to teach you things like rule of thirds and so, but I think it is still better to get out and practice. Make the pictures you want and try to understand after that why some work and some don’t. Happy practicing!

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma