2010, Photography

Don’t we all have a desire to be distinguishable? A desire to be different or to distinct from others? Or to have something that makes you distinctive? Maybe the word snobbery is a bit harsh and echoes too much negative sentiments, but how bad is it to be different and/or distinctive? And how much does this apply to your photography?

Some work hard on a distinctive style, something of their own. Others try to be very knowledgeable. Some are more elitist as some kind of photo curator, while others claim to be even more distinguishable because they make a living as a photographer. Some hold on to their gear, while others on the lack of it. For some film remains the real deal, while others just don’t care.

As long as your desire remains there to improve, to learn, to be respectful, I think there is no problem to have something a of snob edge. Be yourself, enjoy what you do, and appreciate what others are doing matters too.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

My Sigma DP1 impressions

2009, Photography


Is it fair to write down my impressions of a camera that is already more than a year on the market? Regarded obsolete in terms of technology of today’s standards. I personally think it is. In particular when there is still no serious competition on the market for this camera and the large sensor and the small package makes it an interesting selling point. And as a matter of fact, I believe that this camera will become a classic. I am talking about the Sigma DP1. And with the current price for this camera, it sort of started a second-life.


2009, Photography

Some might already have noticed a shift in the subjects of my photography. Less landscape, less street, more personal matters. Why, maybe my landscape photographs where an escape for me. In fact, I believe it was an escape. But there is no reason to escape for me. The worries for my son are real and will always be there. Coping with the situation and learning to express myself is maybe more important for me, certainly now.

As a result I am trying new things to process my photographs. Deeper and darker shadows, less tonalities and subtleties. A bit harsher and rougher. For me Lightroom was not really suitable for that job so I returned to Photoshop, my previous workhorse and darkroom.

It all feels like a journey for me and I don’t try to think about where it will lead me in photography. Despite the burden and emotional difficulties I am proud of my kids and wife.
The Burden by Wouter Brandsma
9: 06 AM.
9:06 by Wouter Brandsma
A shadow tries to get out of my frame. And I loved the fact that fellow blogger, Cristian Sorega, was inspired by my shadow photographs.
Out of frame by Wouter Brandsma
My hand tries to capture the light, I try to capture my hand capturing light. A recent photograph from my friend James Tolbert jr inspired me to convert his photo to a B&W version. He posted about it on his blog. Thanks man!
Capture light by Wouter Brandsma
Lindsay, my daughter.
Our little girl by Wouter Brandsma
My family had great fun while my daughter hugged and tickled her bigger brother.
Family fun by Wouter Brandsma
Family fun and our dog claims his attention too.
My family by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma