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In December I promised myself to not immediately ingest and edit my photographs. To let it “marinate” for a while. For the sake of more conscious editing and objectivity. Sound advice, sounds logical… Continue reading

Time helps

I can drive 80 km/h, look down deep, but it helps to take time. Time to breath, to think, to rest, to continue. After my previous post I gave it some extra thoughts… Continue reading


Almost two weeks passed by since I mentioned that much in my personal life – work related – would change. Knowing that in a year, at most two, I need a new job… Continue reading

week 16 | 2012

Since two years I am member of a local photography club. I appreciate the conversations, the interactions with others, and the diversity. This year, the club exists 50 years and the year will… Continue reading


Don’t we all have a desire to be distinguishable? A desire to be different or to distinct from others? Or to have something that makes you distinctive? Maybe the word snobbery is a… Continue reading