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2013, Photography

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Central position

I know that my friend Don will say that the camera is more than just a tool and that the tool matters. I certainly will not disagree that a tool matters, but I believe a tool should not hinder you either. I have been photographing the new Ricoh GR for some days and slowly becoming familiar with the pros and cons of this camera.

There is so much to like about this camera, but I sure have to acknowledge that it has some flaws too. In an attempt to preserve enough highlight detail I think the metering is quite conservative, possibly a tad too much. Many Ricoh photographers used to underexpose often at -1/3 EV, but this might not always be necessary. As a result the images straight out of camera seem what undertoned while the highlights and shadows seem to cope rather well. Also the greens are quite green, but I try to tweak the white balance to add a bit more yellow. On my camera, the CMOS sensor also exhibits some hot pixels at high ISO’s, especially beyond ISO 1600. And since the GR sensor lacks an AA-filter it can be pron to moiré. So be warned with very fine structures like stone brick walls.

It surprises me though how thoughtful the camera is. Once you’ve set it up, it just works. I can still operate the camera comfortably with one hand. I don´t have to think about the camera when I am out there. One of the critics I had when Ricoh launched the GRD3 with the larger LCD screen was that some of the buttons got too close to the location where your thumb rests. With the increased size of the camera they fixed that completely. One thing that took me some time to figure out was why I couldn’t assign the white balance shortcut menu to the adjustment lever, until two days later I discovered that there is now a dedicated white balance button available (I should as well have read the manual).

In my next post I will come with some color work for sure. We kind of forgot that is was spring here, but now we finally get rid of the autumness weather.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma