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September update

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I’m sorry it took so long to post something new on my blog. Working, commuting, family, it all consumed a lot of time. In between I still try to photograph, a bit. The pictures will follow later, but I thought it was time for an update and some thought.

So Ricoh announced the GRIII a day before the Photokina 2018 opening. The GR series are basically the only cameras that really interests me. I’ve been using it since the end of 1996. 12 years with the GR1, and since 2009 with the GRD1, GRD3, and from 2013 the GR. While I love the concept of the GR series, I also believe that going digital caused scope creep with the designers. The digital GR cameras became programmable machines, and all I tried to do was make it more simple in it’s usability.

You see, the 1996 GR1 was a simple camera to operate. Choose your aperture or put it in P-mode. The only add-on was exposure compensation. Simple. My GR though has Tav mode, many programmable buttons, a rocker dial on the back that is as unpredictable as the weather in West Europe. So all I did, was choosing one aperture, ISO 1600, and using the zoom button for exposure compensation.


When I look at the back of the new GRIII prototype the user interface has changed. Less options, it seems. I’m personally glad that they ditched the flash, and that the GR has no tilted screen. I hope it can still be operated with only my right thumb. I will hopefully figure this out soon. More about that later.

Street photography. It seems no other genre in photography gets people more opinionated. While I wouldn’t call myself a street photographer I admit taking a lot of photographs that others think is street photography. I don’t take these however with street photography as my intent. With the new GDPR legislation that took place in May this year it is good to think about this intent. There is more protection now for the individual and personal data. And photographers are part of the personal data too. Cause I think honesty and respect are of the utmost importance, I think it will also alter my photography. And strangely though I find this very exciting.


So here both above mentioned subjects come together. Earlier this year I was interviewed for a German street photography magazine, Soul of Street Photography & Philosophy. It was as a joy to be interviewed by someone I know. It allowed us to dig a bit deeper in my reasoning, and thought process. So what has this all to do with Ricoh and street photography? Upcoming Saturday, 29 September 2018, Ricoh Germany and the Soul of Street magazine invite users and enthusiasts of all GR camera generations to the first GRmany Meet & Greet. It will take place from 10 am to 6 pm at stand A041 in hall 2.2 at Photokina. In their “photographers corner” the people of the Soul of Street Photography & Philosophy magazine and some GR-photographers from the PxP-Portfolio will be there, including me. So maybe I see you in Cologne. And the magazine, it is available here.

An eye on

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Greyish mud

Inspired Eye issue 2, inspired eye, photography, interview, wouter brandsma, interview wouter brandsma, wouter, ricoh wouter, wouter ricoh, wouter brandsma ricoh, photograph, photographs, images My friends Olivier Duong and Don Springer did it again and just published issue 2 of their digital magazine ‘Insprired Eye‘. The magazine contains interviews Paul Mcguirk, Christophe Debon, Pete Tachauer, Adrian Saker and ….. me. This issue is available for $4.95 or subscribe yourself for $19.95 for 6 issues this year.

My friend Jorge got the Ricoh GR and he created a micro site that will grow with information in the upcoming weeks. I expect the Ricoh GR in one or two weeks. I don’t immediately expect a comparison with my GRD3, because that camera really needs some service now. I intend to write another ‘My impressions’ article again like I did about the GRD3. One warning though, there won’t be anything scientific or objective about written. I like to give an impression how a new camera can be used for my photography. This one is particularly interesting since the Ricoh GR series formed my photographic basis for the last 17 years.

No ‘click’ ramblings this time. I try to sort my thoughts and get some ideas for the upcoming months. Especially since I know that when I start with the Ricoh GR I will likely become the slave of the camera. And usually not the time for the best photographs either.

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Crossing diversity

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma (except for the magazine image)

Longing, dreaming and desires

2013, Photography

There is the present, the past, and the future. The glue for me to that is longing, dreaming, desire, and even wishful thinking.

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Longing away

I long for taking more photographs. I desire to be making better photographs. And since today I dream of that new Ricoh GR. Or maybe it all is just wishful thinking. I don’t know. What I do know is that I need to give a big cheer to Don Springer and Olivier Duong for their new e-magazine ‘Insprired Eye‘. Really check this out and make sure to subscribe. For $20 you can help them forward and make it your photography magazine too.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma