My view

2010, Photography

It is now almost two weeks ago that I broke my back at a freak accident. I still have some pain, but I am able to sit and walk a bit. I really appreciate all your comments and messages, thank you all.

But what next? Ricoh quickly replaced my camera for another one and many suggested seeing the situation as an opportunity, which I did.

On twitter @MichaelZelbel suggested to post some tips on photography health. But what should I suggest? Be careful with chemicals when you are still shooting film. Unless you need all your equipment, go light or at least minimal. A large camera bag and one or two cameras and lenses add a lot of stress to your shoulders, neck and back. When you go out in your neighborhood walk or take your bike instead of a car.

And concerning health, it took me a lot of time to edit these photographs and write this post. So I now I am still not there yet. I am still glad that I could take these. And I am also glad that I could still keep in contact with many of you despite my fracture.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma