Near the waterfront

2010, Photography

I can sit some more and that enables me to have a good look in my library of photographs. There are still many things I am considering and thinking off. For instance some writing on my B&W workflow, bringing color in my photography, and different gear. But most importantly getting ideas for future projects. I am trying to find some work for an upcoming exhibition by the photography club. Sharing critics with some friends (or at least trying to find the time to do so). Just learning and coping with the current situation.

Usually I don’t go through many of my photographs. I mostly seem to be most pleased with the photographs I took rather recently. Now I took some time to actually look back some three years and sometimes I find photographs that I thought didn’t work then, but do work now for me. You learn, you move on, find what works and what doesn’t, and move on again.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma