The Obvious

2014, Photography

I’m now half way week 9 of my photo a day project and didn’t write anything on my blog since August 12. That sure is a long time for me on my blog. Then I also decided to close the comment section for my weekly postings, because I wanted these posts to fully focus on the photographs. No distractions, just photographs. Still thank you to those who mailed me. Very much appreciated.







Just a recap of these months. I wrote in August that I would be dismissed at my work (a lot of colleagues would lose their jobs too). My photo exhibition run for over 3 months. On August 10 I woke and thought about my photo a day project in 2011 (it lasted 72 weeks) and instantly decided to start all over again. And in color, deliberately, cause I done so much in B&W. I wanted it, I needed it. Sold three exhibited photographs. Planned to go to Photokina. Found a new job in September. Did eventually not go to Photokina. Finished week 8 of my photo a day project. And I’m currently enjoying a short break before starting my new job later this month.




Taking the long photographic break earlier this year and working on my exhibition kind of felt like working on finishing a chapter. It was my photo a day project in 2011 – abruptly stopped in 2012 – that made me realize I needed to finish some things, personal and photographic. In that time I published my first photo book Saudade and did my first solo exhibition, “Between light and darkness”. To celebrate the end of this chapter I share with you the photographs I exhibited this summer.







With this new photo a day project it allows me to experiment again. For the first time since going digital in 2004 I feel getting really familiar with color again (I shot mostly slide films in the years before. Fuji Provia and Kodak Ektachrome with my Ricoh GR). I’ll keep photographing the things close at home, strolling the familiar and unfamiliar places, the mundane, the boring, the ugly, the beauty, the obvious. Yeah, the obvious.





All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

stroll photography, Dutch Light, Wouter Brandsma

I have been


stroll photography, Dutch Light, Wouter Brandsma

I have been very distracted by many things recently. When I turned 41 I heard that I will definitely lose my job April 1 next year (no joke). My grandfather passed away and so many other things happened (some small, some huge). In the meantime…..

I have been preparing my first solo exhibition for over two months and it opened on July 11. In the midst of all the turmoil mentioned above. I just didn’t feel like really celebrating this moment.

stroll photography, Dutch Light, Wouter Brandsma

I have been hardly photographing this year. Working on the exhibition somehow really felt like closing a chapter, even if I didn’t want to. Sometimes it feels like everything is done and I don’t have a particular interest in other genres.

I have been thinking lately what I do find interesting in photography. Is it a genre, some subjects, or something else? The last few days storm Bertha hit the Netherlands and treated us with beautiful skies. Sun, clouds, showers, thunderstorms. While overlooking the Gouwzee near Volendam yesterday I saw amazing cloud formations pass by while the strong winds roughened the waters. The light was simply mesmerizing. The Dutch light.

stroll photography, Dutch Light, Wouter Brandsma

I have been photographing the last few days (again). While strolling I wondered what to do, how to see the small and precious things? And today, out of the blue, I decided to photograph everyday again. And to just see where it all goes. Nothing intentionally, I don’t care if it is B&W or color. No series in mind, just like I did a couple of years ago when I photographed for 72 weeks in a row. It might the same like I did before, but that admittedly is just part of me.

Well, for those in my neighborhood. You can visit my exhibition here (Dutch).

stroll photography, Dutch Light, Wouter Brandsma

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

No gear, yet Photokina

2012, Photography

I mentioned previously that I would be going to Photokina in Cologne. Not too long I ago they asked me, and some other photographers, to participate on a project for the Pentax Ricoh booth at the fair. They wanted to create large photobooks and arrange an exhibition.

On September 18 they invited us to come to Cologne and see the exhibition and photobooks for ourselves. On the booth they had a very large photobook with, I presume, A2 prints inside. Additionally they made A3 sized photobooks that focused on several of the cameras in the product line of Pentax Ricoh. My photographs where printed in a book where the participating photographers used the Ricoh GRD, GXR and the Pentax Q.

What I liked best was meeting the other photographers and the organizers from Pentax Ricoh and the design agency.

And what about the rest of Photokina? Of course a lot of cameras, but I couldn’t care less about that. It is very crowded and you see people trying cameras, basically pressing some buttons and checking the menus. Asking questions is even funnier, because there is always some young girl or boy friendly smiling you and just rambling some feature set.  It was a place I felt quite alienated and I was glad that at several places there was some good photographs at display. In particular the Leica gallery with the work of Elliott Erwitt, Jacob Aue Sobol, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Steve McCurry, and Nick Ut (the Napalm Girl photograph) was special.

At the fair I had a chance to meet up with Sean Reid from Reid Reviews. And best was talking with Fabian Kruse at a café near the Cologne Central Station briefly before going home again.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma


Freedom 2008

2008, Flickr, Photography

During Photomonth 2008, London’s largest photography festival, the Flickr community have been given the opportunity to display photos in the Photomonth Photo-Open exhibition at the Dray Walk Gallery, Old Truman Brewery during 29th October – 9th November 2008 (location here).

Flickr is very excited to be supporting this year’s Photomonth Photo-Open, particularly as the aim of the exhibition is to be as open as possible to all kinds of photographers, subjects and approaches.

The theme of ‘Freedom’ has been chosen for this group, as it’s the first year that global submissions are invited to be displayed at Photomonth. The photos that the Flickr community could upload to the Freedom 2008 Group until October 10th had the chance to be shown at this year’s Photomonth Photo-Open exhibition.

I am thrilled today that my submission has been selected to be shown on the slideshow of photos at the exhibition. The selected photograph will be attributed via my Flickr name ‘Wouter Brandsma’.


f you’re around London and would like to see the display yourself, head over to the Flickr Blog to find out details about the exhibition.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma