2009, Photography

I feel free to express myself and I enjoy the privileges and joy’s of the freedom and peace I live in.  Growing up in the Netherlands I learned my country as an open minded and liberal society. Article one in the Dutch constitution mentions:

Equality before the law and prohibition of discrimination

This article forbids any discrimination on any ground but allows affirmative action. The right is absolute and cannot be limited by law.

I am concerned though by the increasing tendencies to populism in Europe, and the Netherlands is unfortunately no exception in my opinion. That is also why I published the previous post. I am amazed and shocked when I am accused of being ignorant and not willing to open my eyes, because that is how I felt after this.  I don’t want to see the future of our children being destroyed like what happened to the futures of children during World War II, Rwanda, or in former Yugoslavia.

So I leave with this as my response and remembrance.

Remember the past