Brief update

2010, Photography

Many photographers would love to have smaller camera, but with the image quality of a dSLR. Some efforts have already been made like the cameras with fixed lenses, the Sigma DP1/DP2, and Leica X1. And of course the m4/3’s with interchangeable lenses from Olympus and Panasonic. And today Sony introduced there NEX3 and NEX5 with APS-C sensor and a zoom and prime lens.

But I wonder: “Did they go to far?” These cameras seem all to be about lens mount and huge lenses. In particular the NEX5 is so small that when you use the zoom lens you wonder whether you attached the body to the lens. And there is no electronic viewfinder or hotshoe available, although they have an optical viewfinder for 16mm prime lens.

I guess I am too old-fashioned. I like simplicity, reliability, and prefer dials for shutter speed and ISO, a viewfinder, and an aperture ring on the lens. Some might say, deal with it, you don’t have to use every function on the camera. A good photographer can use anything to make good photographs, but there are also emotions involved. That is why some prefer Nikon, others Canon, or Leica. The camera that doesn’t hinder you and becomes an extention of your hand and eye is often your best camera. If you have that camera I suggest you stop looking at dpreview or other gear head related websites and forums. Take, or better make photographs. Try to understand photographs, the strenght of compositions, be aware of your surroundings and what you intend to say.

And me, I am personally very happen with the Ricoh GR Digital III. I love the handling of the camera and don’t know, but I seem to be the only person in the world who actually prefers the adjustment lever Ricoh implemented since the Ricoh GX100 instead of the GR Digital I adjustment wheel. Having less time for late night editing, I have a family and a busy job, I love the GRD3 B&W jpeg’s. I use a preset in Lightroom for additional contrast, bring the photographs into Photoshop for resizing and little sharpening and I am ready. I don’t have to think when using this camera.

Enjoy your photography, find good light and have fun.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma