What is next?

2018, thoughts

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I’ve run this blog since 2007, but I know I haven’t posted a lot in the last two years. Having dealt with a burn-out last year, I’m doing fine now, I started to wonder what to do with my blog. Is a blog about my own photography sustainable, should I broaden my horizon, or should I just put an end to it?

From all the social media efforts and platforms we’ve seen in the last decade I still believe blogging is still the best in the long term. In essence blogging hasn’t changed, while platforms came and disappeared. Whenever a larger company buys a platform it might grow in number of users, but also loses it’s core essence. Just look at Flickr or Instagram, in my opinion.

So I decided to keep running my blog. In what form I’m not still sure yet. Maybe it will become a combination of image(s) posts, micro blogging, and long form pieces. And maybe, or possibly, beyond photography.

I still love photography, but there is so much more I like or am interested in.

The blog is not dead!

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

Looking back in the past

2016, Photography

I don’t try to make a habit of looking back to what I have done. It is the end of the year and many will come up with their best …. of 2016. Yeah, 2016 was such a productive year. I did so many things. Crazy things, awesome things. Tried so many new things, failed sometimes, learned so many things. Things to keep doing, things not worth repeating. Just check my selection.

I’m goofing here, but you’ll likely recognize these posts. Instead I’m making an effort to look further in my past. I’m taking you back to the years 2011 and 2012. I started my first photo a day project that lasted 72 weeks. I know that some will tell you that taking less photographs might in fact help you get more inspired and motivated in photography. Others will tell you the opposite. I guess they mean it right, but honestly all they want is to read their blog posts. I for god sake don’t even know why I started. I guess, because I can. And I just did so. No expectations, no intentions, but I did go deep. It was to become an emotional roller coaster.

The beginning felt easy, but the second month was difficult. The following months my back started playing games with me. I photographed tons of barbed wires, I photographed many shadows. I mean, I’ve seen shadows. It felt shadowy. I kept photographing though. Seven days a week. I went past 365 days. That felt like a gimmick, it was a part of me. So I continued. I don’t know how many photographs I took. I don’t even care.

It drained everything out of me, but when I ended it after 72 weeks it felt like it needed to be ended. When I look back, it all felt like a big experimentation. Despite the 504 selected daily photographs I don’t think I produced anything really good and consistent. I tried too many cameras. Experimented with forms, color, post processing, but really had no glue what I was doing. Maybe therefore my last photo a day project felt so differently.

I don’t care what others say about a photo a day project, but I don’t regret doing it. Twice, in fact. The first project helped me to start all over again. Learn from the mistakes I made and the failures, many, I produced. From the 504 finally selected photographs I think only three made it really worthwhile to me (these are the once in this blog post). In the end, that and the experience I gained is what I take with me into the next year.

There are so many things I don’t care about anymore. I don’t give a damn about gear, I try to spent a minimum amount of time editing and post processing. I try to care about small things, non photography related. We complain that there are too many photographs posted on online sharing platforms and yet all we care for are camera reviews. Nowadays I only get 1/5 of the traffic on my blog that I got in 2011. Even this year the best read blog posts are camera impressions I posted in the past. That is photography. Only a small group really cares about photography. So think about the reason why you started to photograph. Bring the honesty back into photography.

I have no intention to turn my blog into a traffic cow again. I only use it for sharing my views, my photography. I try to keep things simple and brace myself for what 2017 will bring to us. All the best for the next year. Peace!

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

Two years

2009, Photography

Quietly I passed my two years blogging yesterday. I wanted to keep it business as usual, but two years is quite long I think in the blogging world. So maybe, I thought it was worth it to make a quick round-up of some of the best and the worst.

On 22 December 2007 I posted two photographs from the early winter entry in the Netherlands and that post got a staggering 2 views. In 2008, February 10 as a matter of fact, I posted my first brick wall test.

In 2007 I posted two posts with rumors about a Leica M9 and a possible Nikon re-entry in the rangefinder world. Both articles caused a lot of traffic, but I later removed these rumors. Was not really happy with the mails I received and thought the two articles really didn’t belong on my blog.

I am still pretty happy with both my impressions of the Ricoh GX200 and GR Digital 3. I loved photographing with the Leica M8 this fall (see here, here and here some of the photographs). But some of my best moments were meeting some of my friends I made on the internet in the last two years.

And of course the photographs. Last winter for instance I made a series about my hometown, which actually is a never ended project. And in 2008 I wrote and documented my visit to photokina. And I have been really pleased with the response I got for my first autism project I made this September.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma