From the Left

I start liking the jpegs of the GX200. They look better and have more bite than the RAW files. Processing the jpegs is easier too. In Lightroom I increase the blacks for darker… Continue reading


I have been talking to much about gear previously, and been posting quite some color work too. So I will do a double post today and return to B&W with a series of… Continue reading


A young couple enjoys the view from “De Pier” in the late evening sun of a belated beautiful summer day at the beach of Scheveningen. Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

My initial Ricoh GX200 impressions

History In the last year I have used the Ricoh GX100 very intensively as my main camera. I have been very pleased with the photographs from the GX100 and the way I could… Continue reading

Glow in the Dark

I have been offline for a while enjoying some weeks rest. I took 1,204 photographs and got a pretty good impression of my new camera, the Ricoh GX200. I will soon post an… Continue reading