More and more I get questions if I do portraits as well. But honestly, it is something I am still unfamiliar with. I am trying, and am even trying to use my current… Continue reading

In doubt again

Do you know that feeling of doubt? The feeling of uncertainty? Zack Arias told it so well in his film I mentioned in my previous post. He hated his photography in the winter,… Continue reading

Transform by Zack Arias

For those in need of inspiration, for those in doubt of their photography, for those who always have the feeling to fail and fall, check out this amazing video, by Atlanta based photographer,… Continue reading

Short test

Today I scanned some older slides, Fujifilm Sensia 100, taken with my Ricoh GR1. All slides are from 1999 (yeap, ten years old) and were taken in the Rocky Mountains, Canada. Although the… Continue reading

No film, yet……….

I looked for some black and white film today in my hometown, but nothing to be found. I really want to try it again and compare the photographs with those of my GX200.… Continue reading