I have mentioned it before that I kind of look for a different camera, preferably with a larger sensor. I checked the stores during the holiday season and played with some dSLR’s from… Continue reading

Winter beauty

Every season does have its beauty. Normally the winter can be dark and grey in the Netherlands, but with frost and snow it becomes very special too. And after a thick mist the… Continue reading


Do you think about your composition before you press the shutter? Or do you study your photographs when you are reviewing them? People talk about compositional rules and guide lines and that these… Continue reading

Follow up ………

My post ‘A raw rant‘ generated quite some traffic the last few days and let me make clear that I didn’t post it to start a new debate on RAW versus jpeg. And… Continue reading

A raw rant

I know of all the benefits of RAW photography, but despite all the advantages I am still not always pleased with RAW. Larger file sizes, many RAW converters with different results, different RAW… Continue reading