Can it be done?

Small sensor cameras have huge depth of field, even at the widest aperture. Many think these cameras aren’t suitable for portraits, but that those trigger me. Can it still be done? I think… Continue reading


Some might already have noticed a shift in the subjects of my photography. Less landscape, less street, more personal matters. Why, maybe my landscape photographs where an escape for me. In fact, I… Continue reading

Weekend entry

This Eastern weekend entry is filled with photographs mostly taken at the resort where my son gets therapeutic horseback riding. My son is diagnozed with autism and ADHD. Structuring his life is our… Continue reading


Sunday saw beautiful weather at the wedding day of my parents. My daughter, in the background, and her bigger niece played in the little garden house at my parents’place. In the active childplay… Continue reading

Light and shadows

For me photography is all about the search for light and shadows. How to capture it, to evoke it, to show it. For instance, in the woods I find framing hard, because of… Continue reading