Finally the weather turned nice today with beautiful skies and lots of sunshine. On my way home I was able to make quite a lot of photographs. In the meantime my book project… Continue reading

Making choices

For long I found myself happy and challenged with smaller cameras. My style and my kind of photography really worked very well with these cameras (or at least I thought so). The compactness… Continue reading


These photographs are of the most important factory in my hometown. Once the pride with more then 4,000 employees, it stopped its production line in the beginning of the 21st century. High production… Continue reading


More and more I get questions if I do portraits as well. But honestly, it is something I am still unfamiliar with. I am trying, and am even trying to use my current… Continue reading

In doubt again

Do you know that feeling of doubt? The feeling of uncertainty? Zack Arias told it so well in his film I mentioned in my previous post. He hated his photography in the winter,… Continue reading