Respectful and peaceful

Today’s post is certainly different from all previous posts. Yesterday, a package arrived from Paris with a camera I can use for some time. Not a Ricoh camera, but a Sigma DP1 with… Continue reading

The Valley

I live in an area named the “Gelderse Vallei”, a valley between a major hillside in the province of Utrecht to the west and hills of the Veluwe on the east in West-Gelderland.… Continue reading

“To do, or not to do?”,

After my previous post, and the comment from my friend Ronald Bunnik, I went through some photographs and wanted you to show some unprocessed and processed photographs (all in-camera jpegs by the way).… Continue reading

Friday expressions

I went out today with my Ricoh GX200. And while I shot both RAW and jpegs I ended up using the B&W jpegs for posting. Just added some local contrast, noise texture, and… Continue reading

Pincher Creek and some more

I have visited Canada twice. The first time just for two days as a break of a tour through Montana in 1994. The second time in 1999 on a trip from Calgary to… Continue reading