My backyard

These photographs are from places I am so familiar with. I came here as a young child with my grandfather cycling through the country. I loved the farmland, the dairies, the cows, the… Continue reading

Some Depictive Photography thoughts

In my last post I mentioned something about the fill light option in Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) to process the RAW photographs from the Sigma DP1. This option is called X3 Fill Light… Continue reading

Respectful and peaceful

Today’s post is certainly different from all previous posts. Yesterday, a package arrived from Paris with a camera I can use for some time. Not a Ricoh camera, but a Sigma DP1 with… Continue reading

The Valley

I live in an area named the “Gelderse Vallei”, a valley between a major hillside in the province of Utrecht to the west and hills of the Veluwe on the east in West-Gelderland.… Continue reading

“To do, or not to do?”,

After my previous post, and the comment from my friend Ronald Bunnik, I went through some photographs and wanted you to show some unprocessed and processed photographs (all in-camera jpegs by the way).… Continue reading