Week 65 | 2015

I had high hopes last week that I would be taking more photographs in week 65. It didn’t happen though. I can feel sorrow about it, but that is just the way it… Continue reading

Week 64 | 2015

Despite some serious fall back I got to take photographs on six days in week 64. Although the autumn colors are absolutely stunning now I’m kind of glad working in B&W again. And… Continue reading

Week 63 | 2015

Gradually my strolls become longer again and I’m gaining strength in my back and legs. I hope to be back to regular schedule soon. All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

Week 62 | 2015

I wished I was more productive, in every bit. My pain still keeps me halted, although things are certainly improving. Thankfully I learned it is no hernia and the situation constantly improves from… Continue reading

Week 61 | 2015

I’m still not back on a regular scheme. Restricted in traveling, discovering, observing. My means of feelings are constrained, limited. I try to keep seeing how the light changes throughout the day indoors.… Continue reading