Week collection 02

All I travel is my daily commute. No far away places, no special and precious locations. Just the mundane, but I care for the mundane. It is my journey, day in, day out.… Continue reading

Week collection 01

I try to do more regular posting on my blog again. Predominantly with photographs. Some roughly edited weekly collections of photographs. Below you’ll find my first collection. All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


It felt like ages, but I finally got back to my blog. I missed it, honestly, but I had just too much on my mind. Photography was not one of my main priorities.… Continue reading


Nothing is obvious. I said so before and will likely repeat that again and again. I thought I would be taking more photographs again. When life evolves around the basic things even passion… Continue reading

Follow up

They say if photography is your passion, then go for it. If something is currently more important, then photograph that instead. Photography for me got really personal and when I wanted to go… Continue reading