With working, traveling, nursing, cooking, and sort of keeping the house clean I found it particularly hard these last weeks to find time to photograph or edit any of my photographs. I’m tired,… Continue reading


As mentioned in my previous post I try do more regular blog posting, but I didn’t really take many photographs last two weeks. It was often dark, cloudy and very moody. For me… Continue reading


I’m finally able to post a collection of photographs again, although I’ve started with more writings. I will try to do more regular postings. All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

OMG A gear blog post

I have a love and hate relation with cameras. Some are just great, others just pieces of crap. Older film cameras were build to last, although I sometimes wished some broke down so… Continue reading

Looking back in the past

I don’t try to make a habit of looking back to what I have done. It is the end of the year and many will come up with their best …. of 2016.… Continue reading