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In August Jamie Pillers suggested in a comment on one of my blog posts to make a Blurb book. Now the idea to make a book is not really new, but he said… Continue reading

Beetle me up

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

Be smart, call it the end of the day

I think my creative process is generally split up in two steps. The first step is making things. It involves fun and the desire to play, to try and experiment, to be free… Continue reading


I feel like I neglect my blog. I don’t publish a lot or frequently. I don’t respond to comments so quickly and I really regret that, because I appreciate the time people take… Continue reading


This photograph was deeply tugged away in my blog, but it remains one the few photographs I am still very stoked about. This photograph connects so strongly with me. At Photokina they printed… Continue reading